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I received a ticket for expired meter, but I left my car to get change I only had $20 bill cash. I went to the closest store to get change and feed the meter. When I came back to feed the meter, not even 10 mins I already got a ticket. I called customer service to explained what happened and the representative Lamia, said that it was just bad luck and unfortunate. She said I was suppose to get a PRINTED RECEIPT shower proof of payment. I told her it's a meter that accepts only coins and no receipts print out. I told her to check the camera and see if I had intention to come back and pay or not. She informed me that lot had no cameras. I told her I wanted to speak with the supervisor because clearly she didn't know what lot I was talking about. So I spoke with Brandon, staff #26, and he was very UNHELPFUL and rude to me. He made me pissed off even more, acting like a smart ### and telling me "I don't know why they made me a supervisor". I cannot believe his attitude and behavior as a supervisor presenting your company. And he claimed he was being helpful to me? Most managers and supervisor would try to resolve the issue not make customers more pissed off. He was very unprofessional, rude, and being a smart ### with me. It just seem like he was just rushing me off the phone right after he got my payment. I've never ever had to file a complaint about a supervisor before. I have a reference number of the phone call I made. #NOF-171567

Mar 30, 2017

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