Imc Financialrefund owed to me

They owe me a refund also of $999.99 they are a ripp-off company who preys on people that are about to loose there home we were, then we filed chapter 7 they were unable to help us so they said we could cancell with a written fax which I sent from work they claimed they never recieved it, so we sent another one. we can never get anyone to answer the phone unless you pick the option to use the service. if it is about a refund they promised no one gets back to you. my husband finally got ahold of accounting they tell us they have to wait on the owner mark to approve it! it took them a matter of minutes to take it out of our account, but it, s been months they still hsven, t refunded money we are submitting charges against them or we are ready have tired of waiting mark you scam artist now you will have to pay more!!!

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