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So I walked in the ihop the lady working cut me off woundnt let me get inside to sit to order I asked her if the place was open she said what are you doing here I told her we were here to eat she's very rude and I would never eat there again we ask to talk to her manager she said she was the manager so we told her she was very rude and we would never eat here again I would never spend my money there she insinuated that we were homeless and regardless if I am homeless or not I have money in my pocket we wanted to eat I'm telling a lot of my family and friends not to eat there because that was rude and uncalled for it's prejudiced against homeless people and people should be helping homeless people up instead of looking down on them thank you for your rude service

Jun 04, 2018
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  • Ka
      Jun 04, 2018

    Ms. Julia A. Steward CEO of IHOP

    I’ve patronize the Harlem IHOP store for years.
    Most likely more than 20 times. On June 3 2018, 2:45PM. I felt I was profiled or at least treated badly at the #2099 Harlem IHOP. I entered the Harlem IHop store.

    I was greeted by Mr. Corey Lawrence. In my haste to use the bathroom I didn’t respond to Mr. Corey Lawrence.Mr. Corey Lawrence walked behind me and asked what was I doing.I responded “I’m paraphrasing” I’m a valued customer who patronize this Harlem IHOP I need to use the bathroom Mr. Corey Lawrence response was I wasn’t patronizing that IHOP today. Mr. Corey Lawrence said the bathroom was for paying customers only My response was fine. I’ll purchased cup of coffee after I’ve used the men’s bathroom. Mr. Corey Lawrence response was no I’ll first have to purchase the coffee before I used the men’s bathroom. I showed Mr. Corey Lawrence a 20 dollar bill and a 5 dollar bill. I said once again I have to use the men’s bathroom immediately. Mr. Corey Lawrence said he didn’t care. If I’m to use the men’s bathroom I must purchase the cup of coffee first or I couldn’t use the bathroom, long time customer or not.

    I purchased the coffee then used the bathroom.

    The sad thing about this episode with Mr. Corey Lawrence and IHOP. Each time I patronize the Harlem and various other IHOP. I’ve spent at least $75.00 $125.00.

    The McDonald’s restaurant’s employees across the street. Where I never spent the amount of money at any McDonald’s restaurant like I have at IHO restaurants. McDonald’s empoyees never gave me grief or demanded me to purchase anything to use their bathroom.

    I believe this IHOP policy should be changed and Mr. Corey Lawrence corrected. Can upper management send a man of color “undercover” not patronizing that Harlem IHOP to use the bathroom to verify these allocation.Ive attached a picture of the reciept that Sunday that i purchase the coffee.

    Kevin Wheat
    Customer patronizing various IHOP for more than 20 years

    Please forward this email to IHOP PRESIDENT and CEO

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