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First time ever I decided to buy some WOW gold for my online game. Thanks God I only spent $ 5 !
Well, payment verification was almost immidiate, they called me to "verify" my payment. At checkout they offered 3 different methods of in game gold delivery: face-to-face, auction, and mail. The mail method is considered (unsafe), so I chose face-to-face in game trade. I contacted them through the live chat, and they told me they needed to verify stock first, it that it may take anywhere from 1-24 hours. I was kind of disappointed, but decided to wait. I told the rep to let me know through an e-mail when they are ready to deliver, so I can be waiting online in game. Well, 5-6 hours later I recieved an e-mail stating the gold had been delivered. I loged in, and, sure enough, nothing was there. I went back to online support and asked them what was going on, and they stated they delivered the ither through the ingame mail !!! When I asked why, they would not answer! I told them I did not get anything in the mail, and they said "sorry, but we delivered". they e-mailed me some screenshots, which supposed to prove the delivery... Honestly, the screenshots are a joke, they dont prove anything... and could be made up easily. Anyways, I have spent 5 hours arguing with them, they failed to resolve this issue. They will try to tell you anything to get you off their backs. I contacted Paypal and an the unpaid item strike, I will also submit this complaint to internet scam and crime center.

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  • Ko
      4th of Nov, 2010

    They scammed me, i ordered a CD key from this website and they asked for all this photo ID and tried to get all my information to verify my identity.. more like "steal my identity" i paid via paypal the $18 USA dollars for the key, now im am disputing the transaction hopefully will get my money back.
    this website is a total scam

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  • Ee
      14th of Jul, 2014

    I purchased 200k online currency for Elder Scrolls Online and IGXE only delivered 88k.
    I purchased 200k online currency for Elder Scrolls Online from IGXE on 06/25/2014.

    I did not hear anything from IGXE for 5 days so I contacted them (06/29/2014). They promptly sent 50k and 38k, while I was in-game.

    The next day (06/30/2014) I noticed on their website my order was changed to Completed. I contacted IGXE customer support and Ronney told me the money will be sent.

    I waited 4 days and did not hear anything from IGXE, so I contacted their customer support again (07/04/2014). I spoke to Ronney and he now claimed the order was complete. He then told me someone from IGXE will contact me. I waited 4 hours and I did not hear anything from IGXE. After that I spoke to two customer support reps from IGXE three times and all three times they dropped the chat on me.

    They sent a screenshot claiming they sent the money, but I told them the screenshot means nothing as you can change the destination name before sending. I also noticed the screenshot's date is the date of my dispute (07/04/2014) and not they day they claimed to have sent it.

    Now they are claiming they sent 112k (which I am missing) first, then the 50k and 38k. I was online during the time I received the 50k and 39k mails and did not receive the 112k mail, so they are lying.

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