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Let me start by saying this, I have worked in the construction industry for 20 years. I completely understand the process of sales, estimating and installation. I just purchased a home and need to have 1250SF of floors re-done prior to move-in, which is now in 20 days

After being given the run around by the Tinley Park store manager, I thought I would give their Chicago store a try. The salesman at the Chicago store (Delano Michaels) I was dealing with was very pleasant and helpful after explaining that

#1 their was existing Pergo that I needed to match and

#2 I was on a time crunch and needed to get everything installed by the end of the month.

He was able to get an 'estimator' out to the house the next day. After the 'estimator' was there and completed his measurements I gave him a sample of the existing Pergo flooring that he needed to match. He told me that I would have an estimate by the end of the day on Friday.

I did not hear from anyone until Sunday afternoon when the salesman called me and told me that I would have to come in to select flooring. I then explained to him that I had given a sample to the "estimator" to be matched. I was then informed that the person that came to the house was an sub-contracted installer, not an estimator and definitely not someone who could be responsible for matching the existing flooring and I was also informed that he had never given the sample to the salesman and the salesman did not know when or if he would get the sample and even if he did turn it in, the salesman would not match the flooring. After a heated argument with the salesman I told him to forget it and to have the installer return my sample (my one & only sample) because I would have to start the process of searching for a floor company all over again! He told me he would contact the installer and have him put the sample in my mailbox.

Now it's Monday and the sample has not been returned so I contact the store where I speak to the assistant manager. He had been made aware of the situation by the salesman. I again explained my time crunch and again informed him that I needed the sample flooring back so that I could give it to the new company coming out to estimate. The assistant manager could not have been more RUDE and UNCOOPERATIVE and informed me that they would return the sample via mail and I should have sometime this week. I try to explain my frustration and the sense of urgency, AGAIN. After another heated argument, now with the assistant manager, I asked for contact information for the district/regional manager. The assistant manager informed that the person I was wishing to contact happened to be in the store.

Now I am dealing with the 'district/regional manager', who was even more rude and uncooperative that the asst. manager, it must be part of the training! Once again, I explained my frustration and the urgency of the situation and now demanded that my sample be returned IMMEDIATELY. I asked why their installer would take my sample if he was not responsible for that portion of the job and this so-called "district/regional manager" talked over me the entire conversation, made some comment regarding that I rushed the installer out of my home (don't know what that's all about??), offered to SELL me Pergo samples if I would only give him my credit card number. I then asked for their corporate office number and the name and number of his supervisor. The so-called "district/regional manager" told me that I would have to deal with him, that there was no one above him for me to speak with. Unfortunately for him, I was in front of my computer and had their 800 number before I hung-up.

Now I am FURIOUS and on the phone with a Customer Service Rep, who by the way was fabulous (I wish I had asked her name)! For the 3rd time in 2 days re-explained my situation, stressing the urgency and now my even bigger time crunch. She started out by apologizing over and over for the way I was treated, explained that this is not standard procedure and she would forward my complaint to the necessary department supervisors. She offered to try to correct the sample issue; she is overnighting 6 flooring samples at NO CHARGE. Then, believe it or not, "Mr. District/Regional Manager" does have a supervisor for whom she was happy to give me his name & contact info (Rick Wells, 206/493-2100). I was also given an address to where I could forward a letter stating how I was treated.

It's a shame that the "Customer is Always Right" theory stops at their corporate/customer service level! Are the local salesmen on commission? Do they know that the salaried management team does this to their customers? Oh yeah, does the management team know that there are THOUSANDS of other flooring companies out there?

As for my floors, I am back to square #1 thanks to the incompetence of the iFloor company. My opinion, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! If my situation doesn't change your mind, read a few more the complaints on this site, I should have looked here first or at least taken the clue from the way I was treated by the first store location!!

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      20th of Jul, 2008
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    My staff at Tinley Park got installer to go around to this customer's house in a hurry, since the customer wanted to get her project done in a hurry. It was explained to the customer that it is not always possible to match an old floor since laminate manufactures constantly change their patterns, but the customer saw this as an excuse when we were trying to set proper expectations. My Salesperson at Chicago and my Manager and Assistant Manager at Tinley looked high and low to try and find this product, but we had to wait until Monday because suppliers are not open on the weekend. Due to the customer's time restraints we got one of our installers to go out and measure the area in preparation. The installers are not involved with product selection, and at no time did we set this expectation. Unfortunately, on Monday we found out that Pergo had discontinued this product and we were unable to get the exact product. No promises were made that we would be able to find her flooring. The customer then yelled at my staff and became very unreasonable, after overhearing the conversation I talked with the customer and said that we did everything we could but that the item has been discontinued by the manufacture. At no time did anyone push the customer into buying samples she did not want, in fact we often give away samples if you check out our website ( why would I do that? The customer was asked to calm down because she was getting loud, but she continued to make demands and said that we were just making excuses. I told her that I was trying to deal with the situation, and that it is not necessary to escalate something to my superior when there was nothing more that could be done. In all reality we were going a lot further than most flooring companies do to give great service by hunting down a product that was hard to find, and in the end turned out to not be available any longer from the supplier. We could not provide this particular product so I offered to try and help her find something else that might work. This was unacceptable to the customer and there didn't seem to be anyway to make her happy. We wish we could have found this product for her, and went out of the way to find it. We lost this one but not without trying really hard to make the customer happy. I assure those reading this comment that my staff are there to help, and that if it is within our power we will find the product you are looking for and deliver on the promise. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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