iFloor.comat ifloor.com they just kick you to the curb and say 'tough luck'

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Buyer BEWARE!! This company sold me bamboo flooring that their advertising states is 27% harder than hardwood. I had the flooring installed and it looked beautiful... until it was walked on. I have two dogs that are groomed and have their nails trimmed and filed regularly. Every inch of this floor is scratched just from them WALKING on it. I contacted the company and they tried to make me pay for an inspector to come and look at it. I refused. The inspector came (at their cost... gee, isn't that how a legitimate business does it?) and came up with this far fetched idea that my dining room chairs were scratching the floor. Never mind the fact that they have not been used once since the floor was laid, they have protective sliders on them, and the floor is scratched over the entirety and not just where the chairs are. Now the company is refusing any responsibility and is denying my request for compensation of any kind. They seem to think that it is perfectly normal and acceptable to shell out almost $3000 for a floor that will not take normal wear for one day. That is how long it took the scratches to start appearing. Save your sanity. At least when you deal with Home Depot they respond to your problems. At Ifloor.com they just kick you to the curb and say 'tough luck.' And then they have the nerve to say that they pride themselves on 'world class customer service.' Buyer, BEWARE!!!

Fw: Ifloors.com


You and I have communicated about your order in length. What I am indicating to you is that normal wear includes scratches, and if you examine any warranty on any product you will not find that it covers scratches or denting. This is especially true in a natural product such as carbonized bamboo. The reason for this is because scratches and denting will inevitably occur, almost regardless of the pre-cautions taken. I know that you have pets, and I know that you have indicated that your pets have been manicured to reduce the impact of their claws on your floor, however they will still have an impact on your floor's appearance. Additionally wearing shoes itself does not typically cause a change in appearance, but when shoes interact with a foreign substance on your floor there is the chance to affect your floors appearance. When furniture is moved, it has the opportunity to affect your floors appearance.

So no, I am not saying that you should be grateful that you did not have to pay 'the imbecile' who inspected your floor. I am simply stating that we have done everything we can do to ensure that you are confident in your new purchase, however we have been unable to do this successfully. I understand that you would like to have compensation in the amount of 400.00 for this reason, and I am simply stating that while I value your business with us and your opinion of our company, I am unable to provide such a substantial sum, given that we have already paid 150.00 to have an independent agent look at your floor against our recommendation (due to the concern that it would not be found to be a valid claim) when our normal policy is to ask for payment on an inspection when the expected out come is non defective as this one was. I do not expect you to 'roll over and play dead', I am simply asking for you to review the service you have received, the pricing of the product, the nature of your concern, and then determine if you truly believe that we are a disreputable company. Scratches on a natural floor can and do occur through normal use of the floor, part of the value in the product you purchased is that you will be able to sand and refinish your floor in the future to reduce the visible effects that you have noticed already.

We truly do wish that we could accede to your demands, however, we have a duty to all of our customer's to stay in business to warranty our products for valid claims. If we provided credit to each of our customer's whose floors now have scratches, I am afraid that no flooring company would be in business. You have threatened litigation, and you have threatened to post (what I would assume is negative) feed back if we do not accede to your demands. I ask that you take the action you find to be most appropriate, as a consumer you have rights. We as company have those same rights. I work for an ethical company, one who prides itself on doing what is right. I am proud to say that about our company and I stand by the decision being made here.



  • Ap
    April House Jan 29, 2014

    To Whom it May Concern, To Whomever Cares, To Anyone Who Will Listen, To Consumer Advocates Anywhere, Please help,

    We pre-paid upfront for an order with iFloors in November 2008 in the amount of $6.474.53 during a 1-day sale. They failed to deliver, they failed to return our hard-earned money (Actually, it was a gift from my mom, so it was my sixty-year-old mother's hard-earned money).

    We volunteer work in bird rescue, greyhound dog rescue, and ocean conservation, and we share our home (condo!) with 11 rescued/re-homed birds and 2 rescued dogs. My husband and I each work full-time jobs, and I'm also a part-time college student.

    I don't know many people that need new flooring more than we do (with all these animals - we tore out the awful carpet). We carefully selected the best commercial grade wood-looking laminate (cherry pepper-tree) that we could afford (and for that, we even got help from my mom - she sent iFloor.com a personal check - It was part of her small inheritance from her grandparents' estate -- and now it's GONE, all gone!).

    It broke our hearts to see iFloor have to file for bankruptcy, but then to watch as the company is now thriving and knowing they stole our money and didn't deliver and install our flooring as promised is just salt in the wound.

    We were the very first to file a claim on their bankruptcy in King County (Seattle), but all we've received so far from the courts and lawyers in Seattle have been letters about the time and location of court dates and now a letter stating they've changed from ch.11 to ch.7 bankruptcy. We're struggling ourselves.

    The materials and labor we paid for were not delivered and then we received an email from Lumber Liquidators that they were offering the iFloor.com flooring for sale for cheap to the public! The news sickened us and I cried for days.

    I am tired of being told there is nothing we can do. We are desperately needing a solution to finally get some flooring in our home and put this awful issue into our distant past.


    April House of Playa del Rey, California, iFloor order #[protected]
    Here's a copy of our order:
    Account Account Rep
    720277 [email protected]
    ID Description Qty Unit Price Total
    Ship to: april house c/o iFLOOR/Los Angeles, CA, 4821 South Eastern Ave. Bell, CA 90201
    420027 True Flooring
    True Flooring Commercial Collection
    AC5 Cherry Pepper Tree
    Review this item
    56 Carton
    977 SF
    2222.08 lbs
    Pickup in: Bell, CA
    322383 Flooring Underlayments
    5−Star Rated 6mm Cork Underlayment
    Review this item
    5 Carton
    750 SF
    225.00 lbs
    356350 Flooring Underlayments
    Poly Vapor Barrier 6mil
    Review this item
    10 Each
    1000 SF
    42.50 lbs
    356353 Installation Materials
    Installation Materials
    Vapor Barrier Seam Tape 5mil
    Review this item
    5 Each
    10.00 lbs
    11.99 59.95
    Pickup in: Temecula, CA
    380500 iFLOOR.com Install
    *** Gold Installation
    Glueless Laminate Floors Premium Package
    Review this item
    960 SF
    960 SF
    0.00 lbs
    Subtotal 6222.53
    CA Los Angeles 252.00
    Total (USD) $6474.53
    We want your flooring project to go
    as smooth as possible

    So much for "GREAT EXPECTATIONS".

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  • Ft
    Ftiger Aug 27, 2010

    next time go to Home Depot if you love it so much... anyone stupid enough to pay for floors over the computer deserves what they are getting.

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  • El
    Ellen May 30, 2008
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    Verified customer

    IFloors had a very good sale on February 29, 2008. We purchased red oak to have our hallway done. We didn't want to finance so we paid cash (our mistake). We were supposed to have the floor installed the week of March 4th. Well, after many phone calls our flooring was not delivered until April 21st. They told us it had been back-ordered. They were scheduled to come out and install our floor on May 9th. The installer came out after 1:00pm; we purchased their Gold installation package which requires them to take out the carpet and prepare the floor. I get a call that the floor cannot be installed the way we discussed on Feb. 29th and that it had to be installed the same direction for the entire hallway, which has a 90 degree turn. I wasn't happy, but the installer said he couldn't do it any other way.

    When he begins the install, he tells us we have MOLD at the base of one of our walls and that the floor is damp and he can't do the install that day. We immediately call our insurance company and they got a restoration company out to our house that afternoon. When the restoration guy saw the area the installer had noted, he said "there's no mold here". He checked everything and said we had none. Because of our deductible with the insurance, we had to pay $260 to the restoration company.

    On Sat we went down to IFloors to talk with the manager, Julia. I told her my first concern was that the Installer she sent out didn't know what he was doing or how he was supposed to install the floor. And, that HE told us there was MOLD and then went on to explain to her what we did. I told her I thought they should pay the $260 because it was her employee that started this. She tried to tell me he was a contractor and not her employee. I pointed out to her I didn't care if he was a contractor, he came at her direction. She said she would look into it and get back to us.

    She NEVER called us back, she had one of her employees call us and set up a another date for installation with another installer. I wanted to get the MOLD issue taken care of before installation but by this time we had waited almost 3 mos from the date of purchase and were having guests over the holiday weekend.

    The floor was finally installed on May 19th. The floor looks beautiful, I say as much for the base boards though. I don't feel the job was completed.

    In the meantime, they delivered cork subfloor to us by mistake and didn't take it when they left. So, we took the box down to their offices. It's at this point Julia told my husband that they were not refunding ANYTHING to us. Their installer denies telling us there was MOLD. Now, who had the reason to lie? Us, who didn't gain anything, or the installer who probably would have had the money taken from his wages.

    I can't say enough how badly this whole purchase was and the worst part is we look at it every day.

    All I can say is if you're thinking of new flooring, DO NOT GO TO IFLOORS!!!

    It then too

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  • Je
    Jeanne Smith Jan 02, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had carmelized bamboo installed in my entire home 6 months ago and have been in tears ever since. It dings if you drop so much as a spoon and my poor dog has had to pay the price by wearing booties since the mere act of walking on it scratches. I do not know what to do. I assumed I was making a viable investment by installing wood floors but I fear I may have actually detracted from the value.

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  • Cu
    Curt Stiger Oct 08, 2007
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    Verified customer

    What everyone is missing here is the lack of questions asked by the ifloor salesperson. Anyone who has been in this business know bamboo will scratch. The better salesperson would ask a lot of questions as to your lifestyle and then give you options on what type of floor would work. Wilsonart Laminate for example would be a great choice, especially the Estate Series or the Red Label Series.

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  • Da
    dave smith Sep 25, 2007
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    Verified customer

    You are so pathetic really. How in the world could you actually think that wood would never scratch?? Lmfao!!! Get a life and get a clue! If you want more scratch proof material you fool, i'd go with ceramic tile you bone head!!! But at least you looked like a complete fool online and you sure made me talk about you to my customers about how foolish some customers can actually be. I have also printed out many copies to use you miss roberta as an example of an idiot customer that doesnt understand logic of wood and scratches... too funny. Again, thanks for the laughs and the lesson for my customers and good luck in life dumb-dumb.

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  • Ka
    Kari Milligan Oct 21, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @dave smith You actually took the time to write this? And you're a sales person? Wow. Whoever sold her the floor should have explained how soft bamboo is and recommended another product. It's what a KNOWLEDGEABLE salesperson would do. Also, the answer to the consumer was very condescending and rude. It's VERY easy to see by reading ALL of the reviews on this company that they have very poor customer service, as "Dennis" proved with his slightly ugly and condescending answer to this lady who paid a great deal of money only to get poor value and service for her money. I was getting ready to purchase 1500 sq ft of flooring from this company when I decided to read the reviews. Besides the fact that EVERY review was bad, and customer service is ALWAYS mentioned as being bad, and Dennis proved THAT with his snarky answer to the lady who helped to pay his salary, I will be purchasing the new flooring for my entire house elsewhere. Thanks Dennis!!! You have ensured that I will definitely not buy from your company and I will definitely let everyone else in my area know. Hurricane Harvey just flooded 86% of my home town and EVERYBODY I know needs floors.

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  • Jo
    jon utly Aug 03, 2007
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    Verified customer

    All floors scratch if an independent inspector says it is not covered it is not covered. inspectors have to tell the truth. I have seen a lot of my customers that confuse hardness with scratching - those have nothing to do with the other. (I do recommend felt pads to my customers).

    Hardness is about denting - and all floors i have installed dent scratches is about the finish - and all floors i have installed scratch - some show it more than others especially light grains like bamboo.

    I had a customer in a similar situation and the first scratch was the most noticed and annoying to them, but after that as the floor just became part of the house rather than the new perfect finished floor they were satisfied with it.

    I don't like bamboo or even maple mostly because the light grain shows more wear and tear than heavier grains like oak or ash.

    Wish you the best!

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  • Ky
    Kyle Thorn Sep 21, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like to wish you much luck. And a lot of money. Thank you.

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