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New Zealand

I got caught big time to the tune of nearly $800.00 my stupid mistake.
Consumers beware this is what happened to me, I saw the add free sample and applied thinking it would be nice for my wife to try, so I put her email address.
It all started from there we went to Thailand for a months holiday knowing that when we returned the sample would be there.
However because I was on holiday I didn't check my bank account like I would if I am at home.
On the third week I checked my account to see all these payments have gone out to the time of nearly $800
I tried for two days in Thailand to get through to a NZ number and could not get through in the end I had to ask my office manager to help me and try to get through and cancel the the order.
BIg mistake I did not know by accepting the sample product would be shipped every month.
Lesson in life I did not receive the product I have paid for, you can send it back for a refund but it's high risk.
I stopped my credit card and never deal with this company again.
How many people being caught I have no idea

Feb 9, 2019

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