Identity Protector offered from Lane Bryant / free membership time

United States

Signed up for free 30 Day membership and then after 30 days it would be 14.99 a month. I signed up on 10/25/12 and today is 11/19/12 & still have not received my package telling me how I can access my credit report for free as they said I would get besides all the information to protect my credit and identity. Called them at number I was given when I first enrolled to cancel [protected] and spoke with Jordan (female) who when I told her I was cancelling she lied to me and said I still have 3 more weeks before I'm charged & that I should receive the package any day because it has already been mailed. She kept trying to get me to keep the membership persisting where I finally had to shout at her and say cancel my membership NOW. I signed up on 10/25/12 so how could I have another 3 weeks free? She flat out lied. She was trying to stall me so that they could get a payment out of me without ever actually getting my package. I made sure she gave me a confirmation number for the cancellation. Make sure you get that when you cancel.

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