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I went to ideal image because I have had so much success with them from laser hair removal. I did like the facility so I started to look into their cool sculpting options. I went to the consultation and was told I would without a doubt lose inches in the area I had the procedure on, which was my entire mid section side and portions of my back. I followed up as needed and even dieted for x amount of weeks after 8 weeks I still had no results nothing zero! I paid almost $5000.00 dollars for this procedure. I was very upset and at this point extremely depressed to have just thrown all my money down the drain for no results. I contacted ideal image after about x weeks and was told I would have to contact the credit agency so I did so. I sent in letters of dispute in the timely manner they asked after about x weeks I was told ideal image did not respond to their requests, nor did they respond to my email. So there was nothing that could be done and I was obligated to the entire amount. I will never go back to ideal image they basically stole my money from me.
Cool sculpting does not work, it is a scam, and a waste of money and time...

Mar 08, 2016

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