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Upon starting treatment 4 years ago I was told when I signed up that I would not be charged interest as long as I made the required payment every month. This turned out to be a lie, I made every single payment that was sent to me and I am now being charged 1200$. After I was done with my first round of treatments I was offered and agreed to receive another set for a different part of my body with the understanding that I would be billed in the same format as my first set i.e. no interest as long as I pay my monthly bill. Now I have the below charges listed on my account. I talked with the local office and Ashley (my initial rep) has been replaced with Jennifer at the Alpharetta location. Both ladies are wonderful and talked to their higher who is willing to credit the money toward future treatments. All I am asking is for the remaining balance on my acct $727.83 be paid off. This will save you and me money. Again I cannot stress how helpful your employees at my office are but unfortunately what I was consulted on as far as billing is not what happed

11/11/2016 PROMOTIONAL TO REVOLVING Charge $593.00
11/11/2016 PROMO FINANCE CHARGE ADJ Charge $314.50
10/28/2016 PROMO FINANCE CHARGE ADJ Charge $314.50

Jan 10, 2017

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