iD Tech Camps / Fraudulent, Inept "teachers" and a waste of money!!

Stanford California, United States
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Honestly, this organization should be taken to court. They are NOT delivering what they promise. Many reviews can attest to this.
We have done robotic courses around the Bay Area before (for much cheaper I should add) and this one (Robotics + VEX programming) was the WORST. Like another reviewer (Tunam A.) said this camp is "babysitting." The Craigslist-hired "teachers" were inept kids themselves who could not get things working. Today, they couldn't get the software working (the other day it was not enough components to go around) so the whole class played GAMES ALL DAY. My son can do that at home! For $1, 200. I was hoping he would learn something. My son is 13 and he thought it was boring, intellectually insulting and a total ripoff.

This is obviously a huge scam where they say "STANFORD IDTech camp!!!" and you, the unsuspecting parent plunk down a wad of cash and assume some young, bright computer science major will be imparting some shred of wisdom to your kids. Nope. Not at all. It is purely a fraudulent money-making scam. We have done several camps around the Bay Area. This is just...complete horse manure. Save your money and go to TechShop. REally great value there. Your kids will actually LEARN things, MAKE things and love it. I am sooooo angry...

Jun 30, 2016

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