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IC Systems / rudeness

1 CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 510-924-1676

I have been in a severe auto accident and just got to the stage of being able to call all my creditors. So far everyone has been nice and working with me. Until I contacted IC Systems. They were extremely rude and was treating me as if I am a lier and have no intentions of paying my debts. I have had excellent credit till my accident, I am still suffering from nerve damage and can not go to work. They call me house 10 times a day or more.

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  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    These people ( or computer ) are relentless. They have called 147 times and never leave a message. I stopped answering the phone some time back when there was no one there. They call at all hours.
    What they are doing is finding out when you are most likely to be home by when you answer the phone during the day or night. I have the capability to have my phone not ring to their phone number. When I call their number, It just rings and rings.
    It would be nice to know who they are collecting for. Maybe I would like to use them sometime if I need to harass someone for no point at all ( since they never are on the line when I answered or when I called their number ).
    Also folks, If you DO get a body on the line, DO DOT give them ANY INFORMATION over the phone. Have them send you a registered letter with their name and address on the outside of the letter as well as on the letterhead. The body of the letter MUST explain who they are and who they are collecting for. There should also be a reference to your debtors account number as well as an account number that their company has assigned to your file.
    If they are not willing to provide any of this information, ignore them and report them to the Better Business Bureau.
    Be prepared to give all of the information you have collected up until your contact with them ( the BBB ).
    I hope this helps.

  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    Hey all,

    Just wanted to add this piece of information. A look at their home page on the web looks pretty friendly to me :}
    Or is it just a wolf in sheeps clothing.

    I also wanted to say that I have great credit and owe no one ( except mortgage and auto's ) and those I do owe, are paid on time and some even have account credits.

  • De
      6th of May, 2008
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    I agree with theri rudeness and harrassment. we continue to get calls from them after the bill was paid 5 years ago! They will not listen, my husband send in all of the information that bill was paid, and on time mind you, and they tell him to send in again. We send in the information through the courts, which I hate to tell IC systems has a lot more power and clout then they do! They told us in the past it would ruin our credit report. We told them how? We have a paid off house, three cars and a motorcycle, all paid for and two cars paid for in cash! We also pay off EVER Y credit card every month. If they think a $800.00 bill is going to ruin our credit report after the bill has been paid for they are crazy! We have caller ID so when we see the number we answer and hang up in 2 secs! What a bunch of morans!!

  • Co
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    these ic systems people called me at 8am, wouldnt tell me who they were, so i wouldnt verify any of my information for them. the rep hung up, so i looked the phone number up online to find out who they were. after several calls to these jerks i finally got someone on the line who would help, dave. he said i owed washington mutual for a visa card. since i dont even have a visa credit card i asked if they had the wrong person. he told me the last 4 digits of a ss# and asked if it matched mine. it didnt. he looked into it a lil more and discovered, wonder of wonders, they were calling the wrong person.he said he would get my phone number removed from their calling systems, so thanks dave. to the other jerks i spoke to, kiss my azz.

  • Je
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    They are rude and unbelievably trained to call you a liar, talk over you, get an attitude and it is like talking to a brick wall. I informed them that Washington Mutual and I were in a dispute over the amont and they said no you owe the money. Then I said I cannot beleive that you talk to your customers this way, and Agents: Amanda, then John, then Kathy-all told me the SAME exact line "YOU ARE A DEBTOR< YOU ARE NOT A CUSTOMER". I said "I am informing you under the fair debt collections act that I am telling you to stop calling me". They said "we will continue calling you every day, , several times a day".

    They actually had been doing that, but I decided to call them back and talk to them in a cheery voice, and every time they started to talk over me, I just hold the phone away and surf the internet because they womn't hang up until they make you crazy. So I just kept checking to see if they stopped talking then I would say, is it my turn to talk?
    Then i would just ask the same question "can I have your address?". No they would not give it to me.I made them crazy til they hung up on me! i was lmao.

    I HAVE THE SOLUTION: I calle www.prepaid here is the site:

    sign up there- a friend told me they could help and it was free (courtesy 1st time)

    (800-654-7757) and for 16 bucks (membership fee) a month (the standard plan), you can get law advice and the first consultation is free from a reputable law firm in your area, and it includes the letter that tells them by law they have to stop calling you!

    Then you can sue them and own the credit collection agency. Thats my next plan of attack AFTER the phone sex i plan to do..."mmmm, i like t that way amanada...oh john, your so hot, i was with your mnother last night...she was really good john, i hope you can please me too..."
    Just some ideas people! These people are ###, treat them that way and have fun with it.

    The last time Amanda hung up on me i was saying wait this is so much fun!

    And yes i am talking about IC Systems of california their phone number is :


  • Vi
      15th of Nov, 2008
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    If you are disputing the amount owed with WAMU send IC Systems a letter (certified) that you dispute the amount and tell them they must prove the amount they are collecting is legitimate. Once they receive letter they cannot contact you until they provide evidence. Any communications other than that is in a violation of Fair Credit Act. Report them to FTC and Association of Credit and Collection Professionals

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