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My father placed an order for parts for his fireplace on 31 Oct, 2014 over the phone. After several weeks, he called to find out the status of his order. They asked for his order number, but was never provided one so he could not give it to him. They were able to find him by name, and told him the parts were on backorder, and he would have known this if he had provided an email address. He does not do business via email/electronically, so they could have either told him this when speaking to him on the phone when he placed his order, or once they found out, they could have called. Regardless, after another several weeks, he again calls and was given an expected delivery date in mid-December. Fantastic considering it was quite cold in November. Regardless, he received his parts on 24 December, nearly 2 months after placing his order. This company did nothing to keep him informed of his order status, and was more than happy to take his money on 31 October.

Dec 28, 2014

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