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Hydroxatone All Prods / TV pitch for trial

1 United States

Last week I saw a commercial pitching product and its free trial. It says call 1800*** etc. I hear a pre-recorded, rather sexy womans voice offer what was on the TV commercial, plus some free gifts cards, for trying Hydrolize. I figured fine, this is easy. So I give my credit card info. knowing I will simply cancel before the trial time expires and do a survey on it in 30 days maybe. Hydroxatone pitches not only their product but almost 15 minutes worth of other companies products.
Along with long drawn out explanations of all the free product, or gift cards, or coupons I will get if I pay up front. $69.99. I say no. They offer 2 - $25.00 Walmart/Gas cards if I join some club where theres a membership fee.
Guess how much the fee is...$24.95 !!
Anyway, it just seemed like a pretty cheesy way to do business.
So, last Monday around 11 am I get a completely unprofessional call from some "dude" is on the other end mumbling Hydroxatone and something about varifying my order, in the shipping dept. and he needs my credit card#.
I told him, "hey you called me, I'm not giving you my digits". He couldnt care less that I wanted to cancel my order. He just said call "Customer service" to cancel, so I did.
Kevin, the CSR/sales person tried his hardest to sell me something straight away. But could not tell me who the "dude" was. I told Kevin, to look into who the "dude" was, and gave Kevin the Pa. area phone# from which the call came, and call me back. I ended the call, to Kevin's disappointment.
So I call the "dude" back in Pa. and it's a non-working number. I get a Ma-bell computer voice says "the code you have dialed is incorrect" So now I'm really worried my CC digits got picked off of last weeks phone call. Because Kevin didn't know and it was a non working number! right?
So, I call back and get Becky. Becky tells me it's SOP to call from the shipping dept before the order literally ships. She says my CC charge was proccessed at 6am Monday 11/15. Then and only then, I realized the unpro call was an attempt to confirm the order at a reasonable hour, 11 am, instead of waking me up at 6am.
The point of this complaint to Hydroxatone is to have ALL your personell better trained on the steps, ALL the steps of your companies SOP (standard operating procedure) for order proccessing and filing.
If Kevin knew who "dude" was, Becky wouldn't have been wasting her breathe trying to sell me something I
already was not going to buy from Kevin!!

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