Hydroluxe Beautyhydroluxe cream - unauthorized credit card charges

Hydroluxe in Canada is using Dragons Den to rip people off!!! In the States they say they are endorsed by Shark Tank, in the UK endorsed by Beckham!!! I was charged over $600.00 on my credit card after I cancelled. I just had to cancelled my visa credit card. What a scam! If you ordered the free trial you will receive the initial product then they will charge you full price for it later. They will continue to bill your credit card month after month, so you better check your statements! I really wanted everyone to know about this scam even though I feel embarrassed falling for it! I received free samples from this company and they continued to charge my credit card even though I cancelled. Not only that they didn't even send the product that they kept charging me for!! Just found out today that Visa is investigating the company for fraud. DO NOT try this free offer for Hydroluxe skin care products!! Please re-post!

Hydroluxe Beauty Also Visa told me they keep changing the company name and name of products to continue to defraud people.
Although I have included a website for the product - they have many websites with different names - so do your research!

This is their contact number in Canada - Hydroluxebeauty [protected]. The very best way I can think of to harass them is to call and pretend you are a new customer - then once you get them talking - you can harass them - of course the best way is for every one to do this!

May 17, 2017

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