Hydra Skin Scienceshydra skin and brioskin all the same scam

Scam! Do not order. They advertise a free trial for allegro. I agreed when I signed up to pay the 6.99 shipment fee. They don't send trial size, but full size. Free trial, is delivered without any paperwork. Then a day later brio is delivered without paperwork. I assume since I did not reorder, I would not continue ordering. The following month they send both brioskin and hydra/allegro without customer consent and bill cc. Instead I noticed they billed me full price for both products for two months. I requested to return unused product, they said it was too late.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Bluffdale, UTI didn't return it after 30 days so got billed the entire cost without refund. Also said recent product could only be refunded for 50%. When asked to speak to supervisor they agreed to 75%. When I continued to press they finally agreed to 100% for last shipment, but will not refund the initial shipment. They said they will have to process this request through their legal dept and I should see a refund in 5-7 days.
They will not show me a copy of requested paperwork/agreement and said a supervisor will call me back.
Call your banks - stop your orders. This one smells of crookedness.

May 06, 2017

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