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BEWARE! My complaint is the same as every other you will read! A trial order of Allegro (only) was placed online for $4.95. I also received a second package of something called Brio Day & Night Serum which I did not order, but was billed at $4.95. Before placing the Allegro order, I carefully read thru the "fine print" just to be sure I would not be on an auto-fill program after a trial period. Nothing! Realizing how many "scams" are out there regarding "Trial" products, and having fallen prey to one once before, I phoned Customer Service. I was advised by a rep with a very strong foreign accent that my "trial period would be extended for another 2 weeks to give me the opportunity to try the product further". Fast forward to near the end of the extension, I phoned Hydra Skin. I was SHOCKED to learn that $109 had been charged to my credit card for Brio Day & Night Serum. I never received that product -- no confirmation with the order number & tracking info -- nothing!! But a $109 charge.

I threatened to turn it over to my credit card company & after putting me on "hold" two different times, the Rep stated they were crediting my card for $109. He gave me an RMA number to return the used product to an address in Bluffdale, UT. After reading dozens of other similar complaints, I've decided I will not spend the money to return "used" product. I will call the Utah Better Business Bureau instead!

As an aside: These products are sold all over the internet. On one site -- either Amazon or eBay -- the combo of Allegro & Brio Day & Night Serum (brand new in their packaging) was offered for $50!! Allegro alone (new) was $30. These "scammers" discourage customers from trying products that may actually be beneficial. Don't care what kind of new product appears next ... I'm done!

Mar 26, 2017

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