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I have played this app for years. The more people who started playing the worse or got! In the beginning it was fun and exciting. You could play for hours and win! Then approximately 6 months ago it went to a complete [censored]show! Their egos are bigger than their app! They changed so much that more than 1000 players filed claims with their play store for refunds. 95% of the time you lose. They expect you to pay for a free online game.. the place fake accounts I'm the game and put them in higher level clubs with trillions in their banks! The average every day player is lucky to have 100 mill to play with
.why do they do generate revenue..of course everyone wants a big big win big but that is not the case. They offer new players a promo of 2
5 billion coins for 20$ but after that it goes to 500 mill for same amount of money..once they feel they have you reeled in the promos get more expensive for less chips..they blocked by account cause I questioned their tactics they feel o am a threat cause I figured out what they were doing with these fake players I also found out that their main programmer was threatening players who did actually win a jp to come into a club that is ran by no other than huuuge casino. This game is a scam! I could continue but you can follow us on real players of huuuge casino and see all.tje complaints by real people!! Stay away from them! They are evil. After spending a good bit of money they banned my account because huuuge doesnt believe in the freedom of speech

Huuuge Casino
Huuuge Casino

Jan 4, 2019
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  • Il
      9th of Jan, 2019

    Please help lets stop Huuuge Global Casino from ripping innocent people off worldwide. This is suppose to be fun BUT then the nightmare begins when you start buying!!!I Customer support informed me their games are programmed the same as real live casinos. That's disgusting odds the same but players have to pay real money for fake chips and cannot cash out?????

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  • Il
      15th of Feb, 2019

    It's because they are offering partnerships, look at their website, so they need more money. I've done some research huuuge because its a social casino doesn't need a license. ...that's why they can keep ripping innocent people off. I've emailed so many governing bodies, senators, government departments and nobody does anything. It's actually a scary situation

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