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Hutch / Fake promises! Worst service!

1 India Review updated:

On 16 December 2006, i dialed 888 from my hutch number just to know what is the best deal for me today. the recorded tape said the following words..." recharge yourself with hutch Rs. 2000 "e-recharge", get 6 months validity and complete talktime. THE EXTRA TALKTIME GETS CREDITED WITHIN 48 HOURS".

From my dealer, i got this recharge done and in lieu of Rs. 2000 as talk time, i got Rs. 1581.90. I waited the next 48 hours for the balance amount (i.e Rs. 418.10) and to my shock i dint receive that amount even after a week. I tried calling hutch customer care every moment but it not reachable even today the 26th December 2006. My being a loyal customer of essar and then hutch from the past 5 years, i am still faking a dream that i will get that amount or at least a call from them.

Hope the company gets well soon. Stupid bunch of people shifting the tariff plans every now and then and then providing poorest service this month.

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  • Ar
      4th of Jan, 2007
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    I am a prepaid subscriber of hutch and i reside in kolkata from 31st dec they deactivated my clip facility god knows why !

    I dialed 111 the c.c no no damn cust. care executive picking up the line till date today is 4th jan .

    Hutch customer care sucks!

  • Pr
      6th of Feb, 2007
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    There is a very long time lag tp pick the call of the customer. If someone is not approaching to any customer service center the problem would never be rectified as the customer support executive hardly picks the phone as long as one hour.

    This kind of facility is provided online or thru cellphone so that one could save the time. This is actually very time consuming.

    My caller ID is disabled automatically though it was working fine since yesterday. Today it lapsed suddenly. I am finding it very difficult to identify the caller. I am a computer engineer and don't want to be disturbed during work. I opted for the pre paid connection and still they are not providing this service. None is there to listen to the complaint also.

  • Ga
      7th of Feb, 2007
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    This is regarding my hutch prepaid number which was disconnected last week.I contacted the call centre and was advised to submit my documents to either a hutch camp with activation in 4 hours or to a hutch shop with activation in 24 hours.

    On Saturday 3rd Feb, 2007 i submitted xerox of my passport to the Santacruz branch.

    My phone was not activated till Monday.On contacting the call centre on 5th Feb and waiting for 15 minutes i spoke to advisor Eggy. He promised me that my phone would be activated within few hours.But my phone was still inactive on Tuesday.I contacted the call centre again on 6th Feb and spoke to Chez who said that it would take 24 hours.I asked him to pass the call to his teamleader.He put me on hold and after 10 minutes of hold time the call was disconnected.I again contacted the call centre and then asked that advisor to pass the call to his supervisor.

    After another 10 minutes he passed the call to TL Sunita.This was at 22:15.She promised me that my cell would be activated by 24:00. I asked her to call back on my cell to confirm that my number is activated.

    Today, 7th Feb at 12:00 my phone is still inactive.I contacted the call centre again and explained the whole scenario to adviser Usman.I asked him to pass on the call to his supervisor after much hesitation he passed the call to his supervisor, TL Yogesh who has promised me that my phone would get activated by 14:30.According to Yogesh there are no notes or details left by TL Sunita.

    I don't know if my phone would get activated today or not. Hutch has proven that the timelines given for anything are just gimmicks as in my case the SLA of 24 hours is yet not completed after 4 days.

  • Kl
      9th of Mar, 2007
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    I was contacted by a hutch executive on 5th march 2007 saying my bill for feb 2007 was due. I never received the bill, first of all. I informed the person that i would pay it as soon as i could following which she told me i had to pay my bill within the next 48 hours. As soon as the call ended, i noted that my outgoing as well as incoming calls were barred. I paid my bills the same day and the number was activated the next day. Then on 9th march, with no prior notification or reason, my outgoing calls were barred again. on calling hutch care, Mr. Ravinder, an executive told me that i had sent a letter asking for discontinuation of my number. While he put me on hold the call was disconnected. On getting reconnected i spoke to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar who then told me some new story about how i have pay two bills together. It is extremely distressing for a long standing customer to have her number discontinued as per the whims of your executives without even informing me even once. Any suggestions as to how I can get some reprieve from all this hassling?

  • Pa
      13th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    This is to bring under your immediate attention that I am facing severe network/call drops/voice cracks at my resident address – H-81/10, Shivaji Park, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026. Reported this problem last year in July, some Vishal had called and assured me that issue has been resolved but, actually, it wasn’t. Again, this year February complained about the same issue, Bhoomika called confirming this has been taken care of….NO NO NO NO NO This problem is still there and your Customer Care officers are just a Bunch of FOOOOLS they say it will take another Two Months-----c’mon this was started LAST YEAR JULY (JULY 2006)-

    WOW!! Hutch is making money but at the COST OF CUSTOMER’s DIS-SATISFACTIONS…GREAT

    18.8 Billion from VODAFONE and Two months for a Site…WOW!!!

  • Su
      15th of Mar, 2007
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    On 27th feb i got a call from hutch sales executive about the postpaid plans. He described me the postpaid plans and requested me to choose a beneficiary plan... I found a plan good to me and proceed executive promised me my services will get resumed as postpaid with in 72 hours. Today it is 15 days has gone... and i m in hell without my mobile connectivity. In between i lost a no of important calls related to my career advancement and cursing the Hutch. Every minute. ..the only thing i can. Many times a called to Hutch care... first time they told me that that verification is negative because my landlady couldn't tell my post in my company (a rubbish reason)... so the service was not provided to me... so i submit my Identity papers again to a hutch shop. This time they again promised to resume my services with in three days... but after that there is no verification and... whenever i call customer care executives are bluffing with my query over the same... There r 15 days i am living without my phone...

    This is the very bad experience ever i had with a service provider company.

  • Ni
      21st of Mar, 2007
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    Hutch is very smart in deducting the money from prepaid account of the consumer. I am the victim of this company. They normally send a message (From 303) that you have a missed call (Either due to congestion in network, i.e, weak signals or due to the fact that subscriber has switched off the mobile) at this time & if you want to know the detail, send GET as sms to 303 (Rs 3 per msg is the charge amount). I send the sms & money deducted instantly but unfortunately they dint respond. On inquiry with customer care centre they tell they were unable to help or credit the money in the account.

  • Ho
      22nd of Mar, 2007
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    Sub: Credit limit not according to existing plan

    I am hutch postpaid customer,i transfered my prepaid number to postpaid. I got 600 minutes local mobile minutes free on 300 monthly rent with 200 sms free and 10 paise h2h,49paise h2m, 99paise on h2l.I am getting 600 local mobile minutes free according to this scheme but my credit limit was only up to 500 minutes. After this my service provider barred my outgoing calls without any informing me. Also my bill also includes the sms charges of 200 free sms.

  • He
      25th of Mar, 2007
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    Now a days hutch has worst customer support service and network also. Every time they send SMS you have a miss call to get SMS and got the call records. For this they are making money.

    If you call in the night time they never pick ur phone and if pick up the phone then disconnect the line.

    Very Bad

    Eera Well done we all with you . File a case in the consumer court and claim for 1 lakh also.

    Hemant Goel

  • Ee
      25th of Mar, 2007
    0 Votes

    Dear All,

    My self Eera Singh (9811708121) using hutch prepaid services since last 4 years.

    When I recharge my account on 13th Feb 2007 a caller tune was activated on my number without any prior intimation / request.

    On confirming the same from customer support got the information that this is a free offer on recharge of Rs.400 also I was being that this is for one month.

    I requested to deactivate the caller tune as the song, which is activated, as caller tune is absurd. I was being told that it couldn’t be done until I send an SMS to Hutch number, which is chargeable (6 rs min).

    Why would I pay for anything which I have which I have not requested even though I sent a SMS (chargeable 6 rs min) but nothing happened apart from my balance deduction?

    I called several times requesting the same to the customer service but all in vain.

    Now even when I have recharged again the caller tune is still persisting.

    Since 15th March I am trying customer support number 111 but nobody respond even If after trying for hours customer support representative either disconnect the line or keep the line on hold for 15-30 minutes after that disconnect the line.

    Today on 25th March I am trying the number since 4.45 am to till now. Nobody is responding 10 times the call got connected among which six were received without answering / complete silence and disconnect in a minute. Among these calls first one replied by Mohit who disconnect the call after keeping on hold. Then again after 2 calls 3rd call was replied by Rohit who actually used worst abusive language and also tried to threaten me by saying that he will disconnect my services moreover asked about my address so that he can harm me. He also said that I am disturbing in the middle of night and not letting them sleep and then disconnected the line when I told that this conversation is being recorded. Where as this is highlighted by hutch that the customer supports is 24*7.

    Then again Manav attended the call after several attempts. When I complained about Rohit he asked me to give the recorded file of conversation and also gave the address of their office in Okhla centre. After checking he replied that my called was not attended by rohit but was replied by Manak Singh. Also when I asked the name of floor manager gave the name of Prakash Agarwal (Process Manager). When I asked to transfer the line to Prakash Agarwal he put my call on hold and disconnected. After that I am continuous trying the customer care number for last 3 hours but no body is picking up the phone you can check my CLI in your system. If you have any such doubt.

    Now I further want to disconnect the services and file a case against Hutch .And also want the full amount of Rs. 888/- and appropriate claim. Kindly check all the details of my complain and give the judgment in favor of justice also I request you to kindly give me protection / assured that my family and me will not be harmed after this complain as threaten by Hutch executives.

    Thanks & Regards
    Eera Singh
    Regional Head & Company Secretary
    RMG Group

  • Sh
      5th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Hutch service is the worst customer service in the universe.

    Well Done EERA

  • De
      16th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    I dont know what the hutch people are trying to do with the customers... I have been trying to access net through my nokia 6630 but i cant. I have called hutch care center so many times and they have replied that "sir we apologize for the inconvenience it will start working in 24 - 48 hours" and sent me some useless sms. ###!!!

  • Sa
      19th of May, 2007
    0 Votes

    Very bad. Eera Well done we all with you. File a case in the consumer court and claim for 2 lakh also.

  • Sa
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    I have been using my postpaid hutch number from two years. Being a very loyal and old customer i did never get any scheme inspite of many promises. Now i am unsatisfied from the ill services of hutch. They do over charging the customers.

  • Ma
      10th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Yes, in present time hutch has the worst customer care. They don't know how to talk.

  • Br
      10th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have activated hutch access plan (Rs.499/-) with free 500 MB data downloading but company adjust it amount on the billing date and it cost comes Rs.2500/- and after adjusting it it will become only Rs.499/-. But Hutch company is very claver because company bind the customer in a credit limit. i have also been binded in this with the credit limit of Rs.2000/- and this way if i use full 500 MB downloading then it cost will come Rs.2500/- and my credit limit is only Rs.2000/- so this way i can only use 400 MB data downloading if i don't make any call/message. I have 15/16 times requested to hutch care and also send the e-mails to node officer, area officer, hutch care etc. but all in vain. i think that the servant of the company need to take the classes of the maths. so that they can calculate the matter. i request to all reading persons that please don't use this service of the hutch company. it is give on mentally harassments etc. etc. my mobile No. is 9899957775.

  • Bh
      10th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    This is the blady service which i have ever found. My address is being changed, so for the verification and all they disconnected my service for 5 days and then they released the connection and the other day itself they disconnected. Even i wanna file a case against hutch.

    Any suggestions?

  • Bh
      10th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Well done EERa sign.

  • Vi
      12th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    This is a shame to Hutch!!

    I have been a subscriber of Hutch for the past 3 yrs. In the beginning of this year I received a message from Hutch saying that the caller tune was being activated. Very cunningly the message did not mention the fact that currency shall be deducted after a month of free service. After 5 months. I have received a message from Hutch that the caller tune was eating up Rs 30 pr month. The customer care executives continuously said different things things to me at different points of time regarding how much was deducted from my precious currency!

    At one point of time she even admitted that it was their mistake but my currency could not be replenished. No amount of my prompting could lead me to a superior who could answer me ethically and responsibly. The end result was that Hutch enjoyed 5 months of promotion through its caller tune at my personal cost!!!

    I would personally suggest every new subscriber to refrain from taking up Hutch. Forget the bad network, you are being flayed of your money without your consent...

  • Ch
      12th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    The workers of the company are very rude to the customers.

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