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HutchWrong information given!

Hutch (hyderabad) had sent out a message saying that there is a promo offer wherein if a customer pays monthly 99Rs, he will be able to make calls to Gulf Countries @ 3.99 per minute. After I activated this offer on my number, the 99 Rs was deducted from my account as stated in the message. But I was charge @ 7.99 Rs per minute. Upon asking the clarifications on this, the executives says :
"It was a mistake from ourside. But nothing can be done now, you will have to pay @ 7.99".

I had also raised a complaint by calling their call center which was never looked into...

  • Ar
    ARINDOM KUNDU Oct 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sub – Non Receiving NOC from Hutch Phone No- 9899408477

    Dear Sir

    I Arindom Kundu like to draw attention of false legitimate by Hutch Phone. Year back I took Hutch No – 9899408477(Relation Ship No 0 1.136066491) from Nazafgarh area Delhi, but from very first month I was facing billing problem. Never the lace I never got bill on time. But as a good citizen of India I make call at customer care and made the payment. Some time it also happened I got two bills at a time. For this reason I frustrated and I think for closed down the number.

    I had closed down the number on March end by calling at customer care, then in return they confirmed me we are sending one form for disconnection. That form I have not recd till date. And due to non payment of bill for the month of Feb and March 07 my phone get disconnect.

    On 29/8/07 I have call from Okhla Police station from Mr. Rajbir Singh
    (Phone No- 011-64135849) a complaint has launched for forgery under section
    402, 420, and Other section of Indian penal –(FIR NO – 406/07)which I don’t remember filled by M/S HETL Okhla and the lawyer for this case is Mr. R.K BINDAL of Tis Hazari Court (Room No- 3).

    I have the lawyer Phone No from Mr.Rajbir Singh(Sub Inspector). When I contact
    Mr. Bindal he asked me to go any HUTCH SHOP and make the full and final payment by negotiate with the HUTCH EXECTIVE , as Mr. Bindal confirmed the unbilled amount is 2100 Rs. When I visit the Hutch Shop and asked for unbilled amount the confirmed me the amount is 1789/ Rs. only

    After that I visit same day at JMD Tower Gurgaon –Haryana, I made the full and final payment of 1000/- by credit card (Receipt No – 0070708R0001139), and for same I had informed the Okhla police staion and Lawyer Mr. Bindra by providing the receipt no, I made the payment by 1:20Pm, as Mr. Rajbir Singh asked for payment by 4 O’Clock else he will send the file to court after 4pm same day.

    Mr. Bindal Confirmed me on phone I will send the NOC in 2-3 days time, with the cheque of SECURITY Money. I made several call to Bindra to have the Courier details, every time he informed , give me 5 mins I am informing you, though it is only 6days as I smelling of forgery from MR. Bindal, as because when try to contact him on 3rd Sept 07
    I am having information “this number is not in Service”

    Please help me in getting NOC AND SECURITY MONEY for Hutch No – 9899408477 .

    Looking for an early settlement, as I have seen your channel has short this type of matter in quick succession.

    My New Phone No- 9818711828 ; 011-25316906
    Email – ID- [email protected]

    Thanks & Regards

    Arindom Kundu

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HutchFraud and cheating!

I travel on business Internationally. I write this complaint from USA where I am on a business trip. I prescribed for International Roaming Services. The company asked me to pay Rs.2500 in order to activate my International Roaming. When I landed in New York, I found out that I could only receive calls from outside USA but, cannot dial a single number.

I contacted the Hutch Customer Care in Mumbai and they said that there is no problem from their side. I wasted talking to the customer care officer for over 15 minutes and during this time, they only kept telling me that everything is in order.

When I asked them why I was not able to contact my customers in France, UK and Netherlands, they only said that there was nothing they could do. As soon as I hung up with them, I received an SMS stating that my International Roaming Charges were Rs.2100 and that I should immediately pay this amount or the service will be terminated.

I say that this company, Hutch is a first grade cheat of its kind and should be banned to give mobile service in India. The customer care is hopeless and the entire service is just a pain in the ###. I think a complaint should be registered with the Police Station and a case should be filed against this company which is cheating Indians.

  • Hu
    HUKAM SIGNH Apr 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My name is hukam singh.I had got a hutch postpaid connection from vodafone store.After actived the number, i got a massage, get email, wallpapers, ringtones, and chating free.That's why i used internet.But when i got my bill, i saw there is added internet charges, so i did not pay bill.After some time i received a call from a lawyer.He said to me that you would have to pay your bill amount.I told him all thing, which happened with me.My bill was almost 2600.00 Rs..Lawyer told me, you pay just 2000.00 Rs. then i would disconnect your number.then i paid 2000.00 Rs. and told him i have paid 2000.00 Rs..After some time i called to that lawyer and told him, have you disconnected my number.He told me, yes.But yesterday i got the bill again from vodafone.But my number was disconnected That's why i will not pay the bill.Pls tell me what is the proseccer to cencel the bill.My number was 9999200428

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HutchWrong information

I have been using hutch service for quite some time now and have always experienced problem. The customer care agents has no updates and has caused a lot of inconvenience due to their lack of information.
I have recharged my no on 30/08/07 with rs.495 which is supposed to give me a years validity and to charge .25 p for calls made to hutch phones. However , i have been charged at .50p to hutch phones till now. When asked the customer care agent about this he said that the charges have been reviewed and according to the new charges the rate is .50p to hutch phones. At the same time, the vendor from whom i got the refill coupon maintains till date that its .25p to a hutch phones.. Cud u please tell me whats going on here . Its really very very frustrating to experience something like this. U actually feel cheated in a situation like this

HutchHutch hello tunes

I am using Hutch Prepaid Number and actual user is my Son. The scheme is Hutch Life Time Offer . Every day, Hutch Plays hello tunes with various options with Bollywood Songs. Two days back my son was having a balance of Rs.45.00 in this account. When suddenly a call was received from Hutch it started playing Hello Tunes with various options to select the songs.

My son immediately canceled the call.

Next day, my son saw Rs.45/- has been deducted on account of selection of Hello Tunes.

We call up the Executive-Customer Care and it was told to us that Caller Tunes has been activated on the number since we have pressed one of the options . But whereas we had cancelled the Call.

This is how Hutch is cheating the Prepaid Customers having Life Time offer.

HutchHutch care is ridiculous!

I must say hutch care is ridiculous, coz they cant process my single request in eight days. First i had asked for deactivation of commercial messages from hutch side being sent to me , that was not done till time... every time i call customer care he is asking to give 24hrs time to do it. Secondly hutch care don't know the system numbers on which we need to send the messages of request.

I asked for activation of Missed call information on my cell, first person told me to send ACT MCI to 155 so i did, and message was not delivering, again i called other person told to send same message on 144 message went but service didn't activated, again i called hutch care third time this time he told to sent ACTMCI and send to 123 when i did so i got message that numbers are changed and asked to send on 56789, so i did same thing again i got message that message code is in correct.

Its really amazing to believe such fool peoples are working with Hutch Care. I am really disappointed with their service!

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HutchCustomer Dissatisfaction is the motto!

Have written two complaints and have got an auto generated feedback that somebody will address my concern. However, no body writes back / contacts us. Also I think, the customer care staff is trained how to be rude to a customer.

Customer Dissatisfaction has to be the motto of this huge organization which i guess has grown beyond its size

HutchSim card non-functional!

The following e-mail message was sent to Hutch without any response:

Dear Sir,

One of your Dealer came to our Office on Saturday ( 9.6.07) and sold one post paid Hutch connection to us inspite of being fully aware that we did not have a spare Mobile set. Therefore, he did not test the connection on the day he sold the set. But eventually when we did buy a set from NOKIA counter ,they found that the set is giving a caption "Insert SIM card" inspite of the SIM card being inserted inside the set. The Representative of NOKIA also tried your SIM Card on 2 of their Mobile set but the same caption appeared.

Your dealer gave us the name & Telephone number of one of your Hutch Employee (as stated by the person ) named Mr. Raja Mobile No: [protected] , but please note that his Mobile remains switched off even during Office Hours .

Hence , either you please instruct your Dealer to take back the Connection (i.e. SIM card) or give us the connection . But doing none will not serve the purpose on either side.

IMSI No: 4058035 & Mobile No : [protected] (as printed in your connection packet).

  • Pr
    Prasanth Prabhakar Jun 24, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am unable to make outbound calls from my area after 1800 hrs. I keep getting the message "network busy". I have called up the customer support, who have informed me that there is a network congestion in my area and that it would take 4 months for them to rectify the concern!!! I was assured callbacks which was not done, and from my interactions with the "customer care" team, i firmly believe that all conversations are not documented properly. 4 months is a ridiculous TAT.

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  • An
    Anuradha Jun 26, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The hutch service and the customer care for the hutch is very very bad and worst as per my experience... I have applied a hutch post paid connection on june 1 only and i got the connection... Now they have unregistered my connection saying that i need to submit address proof, i have already submitted all the docs... And again i have submitted the address proof... But till now i didn't get any updates...

    I am trying to call hutch customer care since long time... One person will pickup the phone and ask all my details and tell that he will transfer the phone to some other concerned person there... But no response will be there after transferring the phone... This was happened many times... I dont know why this is happening... I just irritated with the customer care and hutch... The service is not at all good... I just wanted to close my connection...

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  • Vi
    Viren Saini Sep 05, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This has been happening with me as well.. i just get network busy and most of the times either there is cross connection or there is a connection but noone is able to hear from either side, plus you get charged for the call.

    Their service quality is getting pathetic....

    I am thinking of changing all my connections...

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  • Ti
    tintu Sep 11, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    no network coverage,nomessage offer

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HutchWorst customer care and network service

I am having Hutch prepaid account in Bangalore and facing lot of problems. I have validity for another 5 months and i have sufficient balance. But still when i make a outgoing call it says I don't have sufficient balance. If i call my mobile no from another phone i got message "My no is temporarily disconnected".

I tired of calling Hutch care for past 1 hour and i am not able to get line and get clarify my problem.

Worst and worst service.

  • As
    Ashish T May 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wanted to use internet on my blackberry vodafone so i call up hutch customer care and they tell me to callup blackberry dept . When i call them up they tell me yes definitely internet will work on your phone but callup customer care again and activate hutch access first.

    I call customer care at hutch and they tell me yes definitely hutch access will work on your prepaid card even if you are using blackberry vodafone.

    so i activate the service by typing act ha199(info given by them) and i receive a msg you dont have minimum balance, so the next day i refill for 500 and i activate the service(199 get deducted from my account). After many tries i am not able to surf so i call them up again for help and guess what they tell me.


    Next day i call up customer care to ask for a refund of 199 as the service was of no use to me and i had only activated it because the customer service people had told me that it would work.

    THEY HAD GIVEN ME WRONG INFORMATION - Not only was i told that i will not get a refund i was also told rudely that i had never ever contacted customer care before this and that i was a liar and i would get no refund.

    I also made a complaint about this customer care person at hutch center.

    Mr Bhatt at Hutch is the worst customer service person i have come across in my entire life.

    I will also make complaint about this to telecom authorities as this is a really weird way of cheating customers.


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  • An
    Anuradha Jul 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am using prepaid hutch connection. GPRS was enabled for which I haven't asked at all. And my account balance began to reduce. When I inquired the Hutch customer care about this they were saying that since I am accessing net this happened. But i didn't use GPRS.

    Later I asked them to deactivate it and i too did the procedure what they said for deactivating GPRS. Within 24hrs it has to be deactivated. But nothing happened. Its almost 3 days... Now also my balance is getting reduced.

    Finally I got irritated and have switched off my mobile. Even if I switch on my mobile balance is getting deducted.

    They are not responding properly.

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  • Sn
    snehal soni Jul 14, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am using prepaid hutch connection. I had opted for DND service on the Hutch Site. Inspite of that i receive promotional calls from all sorts of banks during my working hours, which is very disturbing.

    Is there any toll free no. for Prepaid where i can talk to Customer Service Exe. & lounge my complaint.

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HutchAuto debit mode of payment

This is with regard to auto debit mode of payment for my connection # [protected]. I been using Hutch auto debit facility from last 9th months with my old cell no # [protected]. I had lost my cell so I want for new connection this month and I had give all required documents with credit card photo copy as auto debit mode of payment.

The bill cycle for me is 24th of every month and due date is around 8th or 9th of next month. I had received SMS from Hutch informing that payment had debited from your credit card for this month. I have not received bill till yet and before that only they have debited amount from my credit card. This was not the case earlier when I was using same service with old number. The amount is always debited after 5th or 6th of next month.

I had called customer care today spoke to the executive and she informed me that it is problem with back-end team and will ask back-end department to get this clarify before 6 PM today and I will get a call back for the same. I am not feeling bad to say that customer service of hutch in to up to the mark at any point of time. Moreover when I gave call to customer care at around 9:00 PM and spoke to executive name as Sontash and he argue with me saying that this is not the process. When I ask him that I am satisfy with your answer I need to talk to your manager or team leader he never transfer call. I feel that all your executive think that they are capable of resolving any sort of problem and they don’t to escalate any issue to higher authority. I think there is not need to have any manager in the customer care as they don’t dare to face customer.

Hutch — Fake promises! Worst service!

On 16 December 2006, i dialed 888 from my hutch number just to know what is the best deal for me today. the...

Hutch — Wrong billing for prepaid connections!

I came across the complaint of Mr. Sivakumar Nachimuthu of SRF, CIFE, Mumbai 400061 regarding wrong billing...

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