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I ordered an Angus bacon and cheese burger meal and when I went home discovered I was given just a cheese burger. This order was made at the drive Thi of the Oakleigh outlet on Dandenong Rd. I was too tired to go back to the store to complain. I have my credit card restatement as proof. What happens now. I am a regular visitor at hungry jacks and pretty disappointed Thanks

  • Updated by Jroddy, May 28, 2018

    I ordered an Angus bacon cheese burger meal from the Oakleigh outlet and when I reached home I discovered that there was just a cheese burger in the packet. I have the credit card receipt as proof I was too tired to make the drive back to the shop. My email address is joseph. [protected] au. My mobile number is [protected]. What happens now Thank you

May 28, 2018

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