Humanarevoked prior authorization at last minute/refusal to ok procedure even after trial was met.

April 21, 2017 my husbands primary insurance and Humana BOTH agreed that no prior authorization was necessary to implant a pain pump for his stage IV metastatic cancer pain.
April 24, as my husband was being wheeled in for surgery Humana called the Dr and said he did indeed have to do the trial. We debated and then the Dr did the spinal block to test the medications efficacy.
It is now April 28 and Humana has decided to deny the pain pump even though the Doctor himself has called and asked for an expedited appeal.
In essence, they are torturing my husband by denying appropriate pain control.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Lexington, KY
This is not the first time we have gone rounds about prior authorizations since my husband's diagnoses March 6 2017. It took two months for chemo to be approved. This is absolutely inhumane and needs to be addressed.
I called Humana today after the Dr office called me and was told it was because the diagnosis of neoplasm pain was insufficient. Why couldn't they have told that to the Dr office the last 4 days in the more than dozen times they have called?!!!
I ended up speaking with almost half a dozen people whom all spoke with multiple departments and still got nowhere. In fact, they disconnected me and told me my phone call was unable to be completed.

Apr 28, 2017

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