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Since Direcway became I have nothing but complaints to the company. Couldn't get on line, Couldn't send mail, dial-up speed. I even tried up-grading to new, faster router and pro service plan $20 more a month and I get freeze ups and slowest speed I ever had. I won't pay $69 a mon. for dial-up I can get for $10 a mon. I am changing services, however I live in a village of 350 people and only another satellite will be available I am going to try Wild Blue. Wish me luck.

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  • Le
      21st of Jul, 2007
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    I'm not sure these people really have a business plan that recognizes their customers as what pays their bills. The tech service in India is the worst. The people there may be competent but they are forced to operate from a play book instead of getting to the problem. If you follow their book your computer will be screwed up for sure. It's only after they tell you they can't help you, and you scream a few times at them, that they will give you a case number and phone number for the tech service in Florida - where they DO know how to fix your problems and can move right to it.

    Last week their email service was down completely for more than a day - can you imagine that in today's tech world? Now it's down again for at least a day so far. Why don't they spend the extra nickel to get some people that really know how to run things.

  • Ja
      3rd of Aug, 2007
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    I agree, the service has been horrible and the speeds barely above dial up. I just called to upgrade my plan to the $69.99/mo. one and was informed that it would cost me $89.00/mo.

    And to think if you live in an area with dsl or others services you pay less than half of that for at least 10X the speed. As soon as I can jump off this satellite bandwagon, I'm gone...

  • Da
      17th of Aug, 2007
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    Hey I agree with all the complaints that I have read here on this site. For each of us we are paying a high price for internet service and getting below dial up service. I call support told them i was having trouble with my system that my download speed had drop. They sent out a tech and said it was a filter out on the dish. The weekend as alway everyone likes to work the internet, but I find I still having a problem. I send a email to customer service and they send one back tell me about the this Fair Access Policy. Boy did I get hot when I found out about the policy. Yep I call the company and told them that paying for high speed connection and I want my system back online. I guess you know how that went. I could get better action from a undertaker. What office do you send a complaint to about these internet company who are ripping off the internet user. Do you tell the attorney general or someone in a government office maybe the better business office. If you look for another internet company to get there service. Is the other internet company also part of the same company, no one knows until its to late. Why are these company still in business and not shut down.

  • Ma
      28th of Nov, 2007
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    I'll tell you what to do, You call the better business in washington DC and file a complain with them and discribe exactaly what is going on and you will be surprised how fast out internet service is fixed. We just need enough people to complain, I am an individual and got service and talked to the CEO and the ball got rolling. Hope this helps and please pass it on to everyone you no that has this Hughesnet. DO IT !! DO IT!!

  • Ma
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    Mark has a good idea - to write BBB in Wash DC. I was told to write the FTC also which I plan to do. Don't know if it will help or not but it won't hurt to try. This company is the worst imaginable! But honestly I did not do enough homework before I signed up with them because I'm in a rural area and no DSL or other service available. Would have been better off to stay with dialup. It's definitely frustrating but so is Hughesnet!!! I'm six months into a two yr contract and I want out!

  • Ma
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    I have been a customer for years now with 7000s, 1.5 meg speed, never exceeding the 425 FAP, For the past
    2 weeks my speed at 11 am cst drops to 39-75 K (kilo) until 11 pm cst, then returns.
    India tech support will not transfer me to higher support.
    I can't be the only customer with this same problem.
    This is fraud loosing my speed for a consistant 10 hours daily and paying $83 monthly.
    i WILL cancel my debit card so they will be charging me $300 cancel fee, good bye
    Hughes Net, to think they are running TV ads for new customers.
    India Tech support said it's peak hours, but 75K and happens exactly the same hours.
    Bull and good bye hughes, I will be posting this on all my Tech support forums.
    more than 1 millon members will respect me.
    marsh_0x is my log in, Google knows me well.


  • Ld
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    I have been with Hughes for 9 years (yes, I know it was Direcway then). I've been through the gammut of problems, and I'm a tech professional. I always have to tell them that each time i call tech support, altho I know they can note the account to show it. OK, so I humor them. Yes, complaints are going up, and service is going down. Definitely report what you find to where ever you can.

    But also be honest. Anyway who says that Hughes is worse than dial-up - whey did you last deal with REAL dial-up? Even under FAP, you still get higher than 36Kbps - granted, with today's interent, it doesn't feel like it, but that's just the way it feels. I destest FAP, and it is anything BUT fair, but it still isn't dialup. Go ahead and change back to dailup and see.

    If you didn't know about FAP before you signed on with Hughes, then blame yourself. Sure, it's a crock, it's inherently unfair, and it is very vague, but they put it right out there. You have to do a little looking for the fine print - with any service. Complain about their FAP policy, how vague, unintellegent, and unfair it is - but don't complain about them having it just because you didn't take the time to find out about it before hand.

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