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Hughesnet Satellite / false advertising / misrepresentation

1 76 Deer Run CourtSopchoppy, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 850-962-3149

Date: 2/28/08

Hughes Satellite has promised a level of service which they consistently can not meet. Continual efforts (c case #'s [protected] and [protected]) to get the services advertised that I pay for have been fruitless. Hughes Satellite advertises the following for the Pro service: With the HughesNet Pro plan, connect to the Internet with maximum download speeds of up to 1.0 Mbps, with typical speeds about 650 Kbps to 750 Kbps during peak times. Upload speeds, which are capable of reaching 200 Kbps, are typically 100 Kbps to 125 Kbps during peak hours.

The majority of time, even when not utilizing the service during peak times, my results have been far below that. Hughes has admitted to a problem that has been unresolved for almost two months. This problem is with their satellite operations. They have not notified customers that this service is impaired and have not offered any type of remuneration unless you are lucky enough to find the telephone number for customer relations in Germantown, Maryland.

The service department is made up predominantly of employees who reside in the country of India and are difficult to understand when attempting to troubleshoot a problem. After repeatedly going through the same troubleshooting procedure and finding nothing wrong on the consumer's end, the customer is switched to the next level of service. This results in a better chance of getting an English speaking representative.

After reviewing the case history(ies), the customer is told that Hughes is aware of the problem and are working on it but that they currently can do nothing about it. No effort is made to offer the customer downtime credit or even apologies for the sorry state of affairs. The customer is left with nowhere to go and a malfunctioning system which cost them $74.00 per month.

Contacting HughesNet customer relations in Germantown, MD and speaking with someone named Camile only confirmed that the problem existed and an offer to pick up the equipment and rebate the hardware costs. Camile indicated that I should be the one to request credit. My feeling is that Hughes should be making the offer without me having to ask. Unfortunately, that's not the only costs that one occurs with setting up HughesNet satellite system.

It may involve cutting down trees, digging ditches to bury the coaxial cable, having an unsightly satellite dish installed (and if it's further than 40 feet from the hook-up site, more unreasonable charges are piled on.

I just committed to extending the service for 24 months based on a "free" upgrade to a more functional modem. At that time, nothing was mentioned about the satellite problem.

This company has a long way to go to correct their many misrepresentations and withholding of information that a consumer should have access to.

I will also be filing a report with the FTC and the FCC along with a letter to my State agencies.

John Isensee

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  • Lo
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    Hughesnet Satellite - Fraudulent bank debits!
    HughesNet Satellite
    New York
    United States

    I ordered a satellite system thru Hughesnet Corp and ordered their current prom0 package of $0.00 up front, $100.00 rebate, $59.00 per mo. with equipment costs spread out over the two year period of the contract. Guess what????? ByTelco evidently submits all paperwork back to HughesNet as "up front install" and they don't put anyone in for promos' The rebate you might ask? They turn them in to all these "PROCESS REBATES AT HOME AND EARN BIG PROFITS; that we all get in our spam mail.

    OH, and yes, you guessed it: my bank also called to tell me that I had just been :wacked: for $500.00 plus another $100.00 overdraft charges!!! I made three emails to HughesNet, six phone calls and talked to every department in the company to no avail. Never mind that here we have another new customer that both we and BuyTelco just FRAUDULENTLY charged and screwed over and, hey lets make this right because the heat is starting to get turned up.
    Recourse???? I've filed a suit with the Federal Trade Commission, NYState Attorney Generals Office, The Better Business Bureau and a team of attorneys, Remember what we were all taught years ago, but sometimes don't really :get-it" There's strength in numbers because we are the little guys and THEY are the big guys. THEY have the money and lawyers and we don"t. Strength in numbers.

    IF any of you out there has still got a set of "Balls" in their pants and wants to join me, let me know! And the next time you see that pretty lady on your TV asking you if you think you can't get high speed internet service--well--think again--get HUGHESNET and your problems will JUST BE STARTING.

  • Rr
      29th of Aug, 2008
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    I have the same problem ... poor Internet speeds, even after all "up-grades" ... modem (terminal adapter) antennae, service calls, ridiculous "speed tests over various sessions", ... etc. No offers of reduced monthly charge... Pro plan is nearly $70 per month. Horrible for just a little more than a dial up connection speed. I have zero other options as I reside out in the country. No cable, DSL, or ??? Satallite connection is it.

    I TOTALLY disagree with their claim the PRO plan, which advertises 1000/200, actually averages 600-700/100-150. For them to advertise 1000/200, the average speed needs to be 1000/200. Meaning sometimes speeds OVER 1000/200 MUST be obtained...!!!

    Possibly a "Class Action" law suit is neccessary...

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