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Hughesnet / service charges

1 2014 Macedonia Rd.Dawson, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 229-698-5596

My Hughesnet system was installed in Sept. 2007. Since then they have replaced the modem twice, under warranty. In April 2008 I once again lost service for 5 days. When I called the service number they said something was wrong with my equipment, and a service man would be sent out, at a cost to me of $125.00, because the warranty had run out. I agreed to this, and when the technician showed up he was the same guy that installed the system.
After trouble shooting i was informed by the tech. that my equipment was operating just fine, and that the Hughes Net Sattelite was not functioning properly way up there in space. He said that the reception problem was NOT MY EQUIPMENT, but the Sattelite 's, and their would be no charge to me for the service call.
Well the was a charge of $125.00 I was told no matter whose fault it was and I had to pay it.
THIS is TOTAL BULL CRAP!~!, and I'm not going to give up until I talk to an American who can give me satisfaction! All I get is a bunch of elephant riders over in India when I call the service number! Now I'm searching for the phone number of their headquarters in Germantown Md. Does anyone have that number??

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  • Ma
      11th of May, 2008
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    i posted this on another forumn but i will post it here too, if i can save at least one other person the time and trouble (and lots o cash for very little in return) that is Hughesnet, so much the better: my girlfriend and i are finding out the hard way- you cant read the full details until you are online.. thier 'Fair Access Policy' (do not exceed 200mb of daily download for our package or you get effectively shutdown for 24 hrs)is anything but... AND, contrary to what they say on the phone, they DO close ports, .. online gamers(or anyone) beware. Dial up is a better (faster? in alot of cases)option... when i get mad enough ill see what the state attorney general's office says...there needs to be some regulation of these type of businesses... oh and to cancel ..$350.00 to get out of thier 2 year contract. i REALLY wish we could get the terms of use mailed to consumers before entering into contracts like these.. id have gone without internet if id have known itd be like this - mad in rural thing i d like to add... you wouldnt go to a store, see an empty shelf and let the store clerk convince you to pay him for the non-existant item- why is Hughesnet allowed to sell more bandwidth than they appearantly can supply?... this, im guessing is the reason for the F.A.P... i heard another reason... but seem far fetched, as if your like me, the nearest house is quite some distance away- (the sell connections to your neighbor reason). believe me when DSL finally reaches us here, we will be rid of this mess-- i would be ashamed to offer such a poor product to my customers- but then corp. america has no soul or conscience.

  • Jo
      13th of Jul, 2008
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    Do not get too aggitated with the reps you think reside in India or elsewhere.
    apparently you have not been to the DC metropolitan area. Many reps with English as a second language are right here in the tech corridor located in Germantown, MD and don't be surprised if you are actually talking to a customer support agent here in the good ol U.S. of A!
    Just the same, I doubt that a tech staffer here would know any more than someone overseas because of the nature of the "soft shoe book reading tech" hardly ever knows more than the hands on field tech that comes to your house to service the equipment.

    As for the service techs, there are only a few people that install the hardware in the state due to the "wired" broadband market and the sat internet market being scattered in areas like where I live. So never be surprised if you see the same and only tech come to your place to work on your hardware. I considered being a installation tech myself several years ago but there was not enough work to keep me gainfully employed.

    I am a HugesNet customer residing in the rural tier of southern Maryland in a fringe area that does not provide any other broadband services, even the dial up is terrible... the connection I am using to write this blog is only 28.8 kbs to that tell you how bad it is. I have been a DirectPC/HughesNet customer for over 4 years and this is the first time I have had and major issues with my hardware. In the last few months, I have had issues with going over on the Fair Access Policy (FAP) which is annoying because the downloads are mostly updates! Considering that I have not had this issues in the first 3 years, I think this is a ploy to get customers to upgrade to the more expensive packages.

    It is likely that my transmitter took some damage last moth during a series of thunderstorms, but my connection quality has been slowly degrading over 6 months. I chalked it up to the satellite and atmospheric conditions and even the trees coming into bloom, but my signal strength has been a average of 62 since I purchased my system in 2004. I cheked my dish for any potential damage due to a fallen tree brance on my roof, and only thing that i could see is a very stretched RG-6 cable feeding the dish's transmitter port. I changed it out, rebooted my modem and my connection worked better than it had in months!!
    5 hours later, the system began to cycle in and out as if it was continuously rebooting.
    The Transmit status falls out every few minutes and the TCP Acceleration Status is red flagged in and Not operational. I gave it 24 hours to see if it will clear itself up before I called it in.

    So today I finally called in and had it looked into. During the call, there was a recording stating that there has been outages on the 93 longitude's satellite.
    OK, But my service says its on 95 West and "has not had any problems" so says the service tech.

    The tech rep pinged my modem and conducted a test and the end result: He stated that my transmitter is bad and needs servicing. Needless to say, My dish has been out of warranty since 2005 and is the likely culprit but that dose not account for the 6 some odd hours of above average service before it crapped out.

    So now I have been hit with the $125.00 service fee and a 5-7 day wait, and a day of leave i will need to use for the tech to check things out at my home. I also have to use Juno to do the basic online task until i'm up linked again.

    The only positive I have is a 7 day discount to my service until a tech services my system.

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