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Hughesnet / fair act policy (fap)

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I submitted a complaint earlier but not sure if it got posted. I have been with HughesNet back when it was called direcpc. Back then they just had download and no upload, had to use phonline to surf net. I live in a rural and this is why I chose HughesNet because phoneline net was to slow. HughesNet sucks so bad I tried to download and watch a movie online and got put on (FAP) for 24 hours. What a ripoff!!! HughesNet does have a message board and when I posted my complaints HughesNet deleted my post by the next day. I guess they have monoply on satallite isp. I have been searching net for another isp with no good results. All I can say is beware to the new costumers but they probaly will not read these post until they have already been jacked by hughesNet. Are there any honest companies in the world??? If you konw of a good isp for rural users please email me at Good luck everyone...

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  • Sh
      29th of Dec, 2007
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    Totally agree.. if only I had known!!! I thought I was getting a service for which btw, I am paying 91.00 dollars a month for the highest tier and still I can't even use this supposed "high speed internet" service for anything but the usual email and surfing. I had dialup and will go back to it once my contract ends.

    The commercials for Hughesnet are DECEIVING. Save your money ! I live too in a rural area with no other choices but I'll be darned if they are going to get another penny from me after my contract ends. They limit me, I can't even do the things I wanted this service for like watch movies or even download music etc. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS being cut off for 24 hours after Fair access policy is violated * rolling eyes*

    RIPOFF .... Total ripoff. Don't waste your money on this companies service, it is a SHAM. They should be brought to the attention of the BBB which I"m going to do and ALL hughesnet customers should find out where to file complaints. I was not informed of this Fair accesss policy but I'm sure it was in the fine print somewhere............... ha ! Dummy me for not reading the crap fully.

    I go out of my way to NOT recommend this service to anyone that mentions they are considering it . That's my fair way of dealing with their stupid policy.

  • Lu
      24th of Mar, 2008
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  • Jo
      15th of May, 2008
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    I think we should SERIOUSLY consider a class Action FEDERAL CIVIL CASE of Fraud against this company, in my opinion!

  • Ah
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Since my family switched to HughesNet from our LAN line we have been unable to play any internet games on-line. My wife cannot work remote withher client in L.A or San Fran or San Diego. Since installed on Jan/07/2009 HughesNet has billed my credit card $465.97 and $174.19 and $119.99 for a total of $760.15!!! Today is March/ 11/2009 and I called them to cut the service and they said since I was over the 30 day satisfaction guarantee that there was a $400.00 terminiation fee! Thats $1160.15 for 2 months and 4 days of internet service! I was paying $49.95 a month for a LAN line locally and my wife could work online and we could play online games! HughesNet IS A RIPOFF, RIPOFF, RIPOFF!!! CLASS ACTION, YES, YES, YES!!!

  • Pa
      7th of Jun, 2009
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    I agree with all the post here. Why when you pay high dollars for a service should they be able to slap you with a set amount of usage before your penalized for it. This is absolute BS. My father payed to have this service installed several months ago thinking it would be good for his business. Since we have had it it has locked up on us multiple times and gone slower than dial up many times. It is far from being the God send that their adds make it out to be. then they tie you into a contract then ding you even further if something better comes along while you are still within the time limit of the contract. I do say they should be brought up on a class action suit for not making things chrystal clear at the start and false advertising, because results very depending on many factors they can not account for. HUGHESNET=HORSEPUCKY!

  • Cd
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I too am stuck with Hughes Net. I have been with them since March 2008. This Fair Access Policy is a joke... We were without internet for 3 1/2 weeks. Back and forth on the phone with technical support of which you CANNOT understand because they are over in INDIA, they read off cue cards, they DO NOT Listen to you, when they know you are frustrated then they go into reviewing your account info and you are on the phone for hours... we find out that or modem had not been updated, and another week passes and they have to send us a new modem so there is another week. almost 6 weeks. so as soon as we get the modem hooked and up and running... My husband and I have IPHONES so we have to update our phones, downloading updates to one phone shuts us down and again we have NO internet. this is when I was told about "FAIR ACCESS POLICY". 2 weeks ago I started a home business so all my training is online, Hughes Net is a joke... only to apologize there is nothing we can do... I have had my FAP lifted twice... So keep calling themand telling them how they lied, they are in breach of their contract so a termination fee should not apply. I only have 9 months left of my commitment and believe me I'd rather have dial-up. Also note that there LOGO states the following: Hughes Net Broadband Unbound... sounds like a whole lot of us our bound... cdensmore, Oklahoma

  • Su
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    I had it years ago and it was terrible. DSL is 1000% faster.

  • At
      15th of Nov, 2009
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    I agree and made this comment to show my anger towards Hughesnet. Very expensive and for what your getting it's not worth it. But if you have the money to spend and 'like' to watch your internet usage(which I think is total ###). It's fine, it is faster than dial-up but once they slap the FAP on you, it's slower than dial-up. FAP Limit changes from plan to plan I think. Also a reminder to any current Hughesnet customers. There is a time in the middle of the night where you get unlimited usage, it's known as the download period. Where you should schedule your Updates, and possibly P2P clients to turn on. Cruise the Hughesnet FAQ's and it'll be hiding somewhere, I found it, it's usually between 2am-5am, depending on your timezone. I go crazy during that period and download as much ### as I can get, just to get my money back. Of course you'll have to take advantage of your local task scheduler. There is also a web acceleration program that you can install on your computer and make your browser faster, I found it on the IP address page. But i think it only works for IE. And I'm not about to switch back to that, if anybody knows if there is one for Firefox, email: ataraxia94[at]gmail[dot]com.

    If you like watching Youtube all day, if you like downloading large files, 200mb+, if you like to not worry about accidently going over your internet usage limit by a single kilobyte and having your internet sucked dry for the next 24hrs, and if you like download speeds higher than the average 130kb/s(on a good day), and if you like gaming online whether it PC, Playstation or Xbox. Hughesnet is the last thing you'll wanna get.

  • Me
      3rd of Dec, 2009
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    I agree there should be a class action law suit against this company. Has anyone out there been able to find out who the CEO of this worthless co. is? I want to talk to the person where the buck stops...Thank-You

  • Dc
      25th of Dec, 2009
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    We have had Hughesnet for a little over 3 yrs and tonight was the first time I knew anything of the FAP. What a crock of BS this is. If we had any other choice, we sure wouldn't be with Hughesnet. I have called and complained of slow service only to have them tell me to disconnect this and that and a bunch of crap that solves nothing! The did send a Tech out and he replaced something but once again, it didn't change a thing. We pay over $90 a month for basically nothing more than dial up. I think they know that people that live out in the rural areas basically have no choice so they put the bait out there and once we take it, they screw us. You call in and try to talk to Tech Support and you can't understand a thing they say and if you get lucky and can halfway understand them, they talk so fast you have to tell them to slow down. They don't listen to anything you have to say and talk over you.. I am SO frustrated with them. $500 for their sorry equipment just to have this.. HUGHESNET SUCKS!

  • Ta
      10th of Feb, 2010
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    Believe me...the only people who have Hughesnet are the ones that don't have a choice because they live in an area that doesn't have cable or fiber optic. I hate them I hate them I hate them I hate them. I have 5 kids so I don't have time to sit on the phone with them for hours listening to their crap...blaming the trouble on my computer or the crow nesting on my dish blocking the satalite waves. I keep saying when my contract is up I am going to cancel but then what? I can go to dial up but that ties up your phone line. A person can get a seperate phone line for the computer but that is expensive too. I have discovered that Hughesnet is not any faster than dial up. And the phone line does not hit you with the fair accsess policy...Don't get me started there!

  • Cr
      18th of Mar, 2010
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    I agree with all these complaints. Thankfully I have moved & no longer forced to use HughesNet. I cancelled my account first week of March & was given a confirmation number. On March 14 they charged my bank account for the monthly fee. When I called to complain, they finally agreed they had made a mistake & would refund my $--IN 30 DAYS! This is the absolute worse service & their customer service people know nothing about how to troubleshoot problems with their equipment. There are just not enough words in the English language to fully describe how much I dislike HughesNet & the people working for Hughesnet!!!

  • Ca
      6th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am a hugheset Installer and after reading all the complaints I am wondering why in the world anyone would get hughesnet without first looking in to it. If you are needing hughesnet it is because either you did not educate yourself or you live in a area that has nothing but dial up service. If you would only look up hughesnet and read the email they send you before you get installed it really would stop most of the problems you are having. Most problems I see on my end are people who just want this to work and really dont care how it is installed hello this is a dish that is not small and you would get it installed on a substandard roof. Again hello wake up and let the installer help you get more out of your system but really show me a system that is perfect anyone?

  • Am
      29th of Jul, 2010
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    I live in a small town out in the country. Before we moved out here we had At&t, although there were small issues, we had the best service possible. High speed connection, no FAP crap, no need to buy wireless routers because their routers have built in wifi, and best of all we paid under 30 bucks a month WITH a phone line that had free local calling. I'm currently paying $92 and some change for X amount of download/upload crap. I had to buy a wireless router (we have two laptops and a desktop in the house. One laptop is mine, which I use for 30+ hours a week because I'm an online student.) I paid roughly 30 bucks for it and the Hughesnet router constantly drops my wireless connection. At first I thought it was just the router I had purchased, but I tried it at a friends house and it worked perfectly fine. Yeah, fine, they have 'tools' to help you make sure you don't exceed the FAP and they have the free download allowance time, but seriously, who the eff wants to wait up until 2 in the morning to do homework/download music etc? Today my sister was watching videos on YouTube all day and used up all of the allowance so I have to stay up all night to do my homework. It's ridiculous! If I want to buy an album/movie/music video on iTunes, Ohhhh, gotta wait until 2am to download it or I can't do homework.

    I live out in the middle of nowhere.
    There are no other ISP's that can cover us.
    I absolutely HAD to get HughesNet because I'm an online student.
    Once my 1 year contract is up, I will not renew my contract.
    I'm sure the USB internet things you get from At&t/Verizon/Tmobile will work better than HughesNet.

    Rip off!

  • Bi
      8th of Oct, 2010
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    I live in a rural area also. My download speed is not usually a problem, but what I DO have a PROBLEM with is the DOWNLOAD METER!!!

    I got up at 3:00 am this morning and got online and downloaded some songs, videos, etc. I look at my meter at 6:30 am and it has dropped from around 90% and is now down to 30%. I even keep then meter up while I'm online so I can make sure I'm not going to run out.

    I specifically went on Hughes website to see what their policiy is on the download meter since I was not told about this when I signed up. It states that ALL downloads are free from 2:00 am to 7:00 am. NOT SO!

    I had my meter reset awhile back and they charged me an additional $5 on my bill stating that it had been reset once this month already. I have no idea when since I did not do it.

    I downloaded their "Download Manager" and set downloads for during the 2 to 7 am time. I still get megs/%'s taken off my meter.


    This is an outrageous policy. What ARE the hours for free downloads.

  • Ba
      7th of Feb, 2011
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    Hughes Nets sattelites cannot handle the data downloaded during the day, that is why you can get unlimited downloads during the early morning hours. Today is the day after the Super Bowl. I am sure everybody wanted to look at highlights of the game and look at commercials that were played during the game. These are available on You Tube. I went from 100% to zero in about two hours doing nothing more than I usually do without penalty time. I did not download any files. I think anybody that was on the internet was put on probation no matter what they were doing. Even their C.S. guy in India admitted they could'nt handle all the downloads.

    I also thinik because of the bad weather in the East & Midwest there are more people using their computers because they are stuck in their homes. Their system really slows down during peak hours. Anyone who's only other alternitive is dial-up should keep it and don't bother with this inferrior service.

    They make you sign up for two years and charge you a pretty penny if you try to discontinue before the contract is up. I to think a class action suit should be brought against them for false advertising and downright incompatent customer service.

  • Ha
      25th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree, top dollar for something that is a little better than dialup. I live in the coubtry and unfortunately have no other options or I would switch in a hearbeat. Then this fair act policy they slap on you when you are already paying 3 times more then normal cable it total BS!! I found out about the FAP when I tried to update my iPhone. And if you have ever had to call for technical support you would be ready to kill someone. I have been dealing with networking for over 25 year and I know if my laptop gets an IP from my router and not their modem it is not the cable or the laptop, its thier modem. But the twits in the support department have a script to go through and can't think logically. After asking for the supervisor and he realized it was the modem they wanted to charge me to send someone out to replace the modem. I ask to just ship me one and I would replace it but they said they had to send a tech out at my cost to replace their faulty equipment. I told him I wanted to cancel my service imediately. He switched me over to the cancelation department and she finally calmed me down by say they would send out a tech with a new modem for no cost since I have been such a loyal customer. took me an hour and 45 minutes and 200 pooint on my blood pressure for something that should have take 10 minutes. HugesNet sucks and I pay someone will come up with a better alternative for us rural people.

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