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Hughesnet / awful experience

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Well the repairman just left here from trying to 'fix' my Hughesnet satellite system AGAIN. According to them there is nothing wrong with my equipment. I was also just on the phone with customer support asking about the terrible upload and download speeds I have been having. The speeds I am getting right now at this moment are LESS than HALF of what was advertised/promised when I began this nightmare over a year ago. The customer service technician tried to make an analogy comparing the horrible speeds to many cars traveling down a busy road; meaning when there's alot of traffic it is congested and the speed is slow. My response to that was well if it is that congested why don't you build a BIGGER ROAD? Since i got up this morning at 6 a.m. (when the speed was good but unfortunately I was busy getting the kids off to school) I have watched the speed drop in half by 8 am and drop by HALF AGAIN by 10 a.m. According to their 'parameters' this is acceptable. What a load of crap. Something that doesn't work as it was advertised is of no use to me, especially something costing this much!

I might add this is not the only trouble I have had with them; 2 days after the original installation my modem went out and i had service only about half the time. They sent me a new modem but it was the wrong model and would not work with the dish I have. Then they got mad at me when I asked for a call tag to return the equipment. They actually expected me to return the modem at my cost. Ugh. Many phone calls later I finally got a repairman to come out. Not only did the modem need replacing, but the radio arm too.

Once the system was 'fixed' that time I then tried to recoup some of the money I had been shoveling their way, since i had sporadic or no service for about 6 months while they had me foolishly undoing cables and looking outside to see how the weather was, NOT WANTING to send a repairman although I had asked them to do so repeatedly in that 6 month period. Well, they didn't want to give us ANY credit on the bill, because I had stopped calling them every day. Go figure. I finally got a supervisor and asked her why in the world would I want to continue to call when they obviously weren't going to DO anything? I finally got one month free service for 6 months of B.S.

So now we are on the speed issue. If I quit my day job, and stay up all night in the middle of the night I guess it would be O.K. to use the computer then, but gee, I can't do that. The speeds are fine in the (late) night time and right when I get up to go to work, at 5 am. After that it all goes down the tubes. I can actually get a better connection speed on DIAL-Up!!

The last call to customer service really got me steamed. I can get a better speed they tell me (now) if I upgrade my plan for another 10 or 20 dollars a month, and go to the 'pro' or 'business' service plan. I think they have already gotten enough of my money, and I am not going to upgrade.

On a side note, they are launching a new satellite, and the speeds are supposed to be wonderful as it won't be bouncing your signal back and forth twice before it gets to it's destination. Too bad this privelige is going to be for NEW customers and not for the ones who are already pulling their hair out.

If you live in the boondocks like I do, for goodness sakes don't get a HughesNet system, go with another provider or you will be sorry.

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  • Lo
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    It just makes me sick. I can't believe anyone can get away with what they are getting away with! Who do they think they are? Someday, we will all be rejoicing, I have no doubt, cause what they are doing is illegal, and someday they will pay!

  • Po
      11th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been a customer of Hughes Network Systems (HNS), formerly Direcway, for over 4 years. Living in a rural area with no DSL or cable access, a satellite system was (and still is), the only viable option over traditional phone line dial-up services. I originally paid over $500 for the initial satellite equipment and have paid a monthly fee for this service. I was also required to sign a commitment contract in the beginning, which I have since completed, but was continuing service on a monthly basis.

    Since 8/11/07, my service has seriously degraded. No email via Outlook Express, no Mozilla Firefox access, sporadic IE (Internet Explorer) browsing at best, no secure site access. After at least 6 totally frustrating phone calls to customer service since 8/11, amounting to hours of talking to thick accented foreigners, jumping through hoops and turning my PC inside out, they finally told me that they are experiencing "technical problems" on their end, and their technicians were working on the problem.

    When I asked for credit for time lost, but they told me they would not do it until the "problem" was resolved. Meanwhile, they continued to bill my credit card on file. Yesterday, 8/26/07, by accident, I discovered that HNS Customer Service was not telling me the truth. I visited a site called HughesNet Uncensored (via my new s-l-o-w dial-up ISP), a website dedicated to satellite users that I joined years ago, particularly HughesNet customers, which has help pages and forums to answer questions that users have, that are not readily available anywhere else--including the HughesNet site. In the forums, I found many HNS customers/users with older Dw3000 and Dw4000 modems were experiencing the exact same problems, and at the exact same time.

    It seems my system Dw4000, as well as the Dw3000, which used to work just fine, are now obsolete by HNS standards. HNS, without telling their customers and users of these modems, are simply not going to update them to be compatible with their systems anymore, and in order to regain the internet service I was accustomed to, I must now upgrade to a Dn7000 system, but at a price.

    My choices were $125 with no contract, or *free(with possible shipping) and a 15 month contract. AND, the access throughput(uplink and downlink speeds) are LESS than what I used to get, unless I upgrade my service package for ( you guessed it), MORE MONEY! Isn't extortion and consumer fraud illegal? Now I know why the customer service techs failed to mention important facts. It seems some users are getting better deals, depending on who they have talked to at HNS. Shouldn't someone have told me that I was being denied access unless I upgrade? I never agreed to this when I started my DW4000 service. Does HNS have an obligation to continue my service by whatever means necessary since I had, and continued to meet, my obligation to them? Without being forced to pay extra?

    Besides being lied to for the past 2 weeks, I wasted hours of my time dealing with this company. As of 8/26/07, I was paying for service I was never going to get, unless I updated (which I had not discovered yet). I had already completed my original commitment years ago and I did not want to extend it. I told them that I refused to be extorted, to cancel my service (terminated 8/26/07) and that I was reporting them to my state attorney generals office, the FTC, FCC, and the BBB.

    Then a lawyer. The only way I was able to stop the billing of my credit card was to cancel my service. Can they legally do this to me and all the other HughesNet customers out there who still are not aware of the true reason of their internet access problems? Can your cell phone provider simply cancel out the signal on your older cell phone in order to sell you a newer one or commit to another contract? Now I have HNS equipment that cannot be used and a painfully slow dial-up system, because of my refusal to be extorted into "upgrade or else".

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