Huggies / size 4 112 pack, snug & dry ultra

North Carolina, Wendell, MA, US

16 diapers are missing the closure tabs. These are pretty much useless. How will this be resolved and how soon? Diapers are very expensive. I buy them monthly and keep them stocked. These 16 unusable diapers are an inconvenience as they will put us at a diaper shortage earlier than planned. How does this happen? Aren't these items inspected before packaging. I'm highly upset. What if I was out with my little one and just grabbed a few to throw in her diaper bag, and the she needed to be changed. I'd be in trouble. She would have diapers in her bag that I wouldn't be able to use. I know things happen but new moms all over the world are spending money for these things and we're depending on them to work!


Nov 24, 2016

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