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I would just like to inform ''Huggies", that their new unique fit nappies are not so great. In fact I would go so far as to say that the quality has deteriorated. Firstly, the nappies now feel like they are made from paper and the ink from the Winnie-the-pooh character graphic now rubs off and makes my baby's clothes green around the nappy area. Secondly, the stretchy waistband doesn't seem to be as stretchy as the old nappies and the fasteners are not stretchy at all. Lastly, but of greatest importance, the new unique fit just does not work... they leak all the time, especially at night. What happened to the double leakage guards? I cannot understand why Huggies changed a wonderful product into a product that is just not as superior. I'm very disappointed, especially because I pay for the best nappies but don't get them anymore, so are a lot of other moms that I have spoken to. If the Huggies doesn't make a plan about these less than sufficient ''new'' unique fit nappies, I'm afraid that you are going to loose a lot of valued customers, I've already thought about switching over to Pampers.

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  • Ma
      Nov 16, 2010

    Ek stem saam met die bogenoemde skrywer. Huggies was nog altyd 'n goeie doek gewees, maar deesdae maak dit van hom 'n slegte doek. My seuntjie is 2jaar en 2 maande wat beteken dat ek vir hom nog 'n vessie aantrek, die doek gee 'n groen kleur af op sy spierwit wessie en ek sukkel om dit uit te kry, dan boonop alles raak die doeke nog minder ook en die pryse bly dieselfde. Die doeke lek en die gehalte is nie meer wat dit gewees het nie. As dit nie vir my seuntjie se sensitiewe velletjie was nie, dan het ek ook gegaan op Pampers, maar ongelukkig moet ek maar net aanhou. Ek is nie gelukkig met Huggies Gold op die oomblik nie en sal graag terugvoering hierop wil hê. Wat gaan Huggies Gold doen om hulle kliente te behou, want op die oomblik die meeste van my vriende wat die doeke gebruik, kla oor die doek wat verander het en wat nie meer is soos wat dit was nie. Ek wag om van Huggies Gold te hoor!! Ongelukkige klient.

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  • Pe
      Apr 02, 2011

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  • Ta
      Jul 20, 2011

    I have complained a second time to Huggies directly & I have to say, that change it seems, it not always good! This new unique nappy was a problem as the size had changed - I was told, by Anne, when i phoned to complain, about something being wrong - that I need to go down a size! Imagine that - no notification to all the moms - instead we have to phone in to complain to get this useless info.
    The last time when I purchased a pack the nappy felt alot smaller so I went up a size again - nappy seemed way smaller but fit was better & more stretchy as well as more secure, it seemed!

    This weekend, i purchased another pack, only to realise somethings wrong again - apparently there are 2 different "new" huggies gold! One says "Super Stretchy" & the other " Unique Shape" - how are we supposed to know there are different types on the shelves - packaging changes all the time - so my husband just looked for Huggies Gold & bought the pack - which was the 'older' Unique shape apparently. The lady at the call centre - Kathlego - said that the one I had purchased was being made in Cape Town! What does that mean to us as consumers??? I just said that I really loved these apparent Cape Town ones better and was told that this is now replacing the Unique Shape! Surely, us moms should be notified in some way - even if it is in-store!
    Sometimes, mums don't complain - they just move away from a brand to one that delivers what it promises - and you have then lost a customer! Flabbergasted! I can't wait for my baby to be off nappies as I have had to contend with these problems since he was born! I have used Huggies Gold on him from birth as it came highly recommended at the time, & everywhere one looked - it seemed Huggies Gold was the top selling brand - my boy has just turned 2 -and soon I won't have to use napppies anymore - I guess Huggies really don't care - as they have made money & lots of it - from us in 2 years - & how many of others too? So they have nothing to lose, it seems!

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  • Yv
      Aug 06, 2014

    I fully agree with the writer of the original complaint. I am about to lodge my own complaint. I have been using Huggies for 4yrs now (my son is non-verbal and therefore still on nappies) and I am experiencing one leaky nappy after the next (also agree night time is worse as I have always left the night nappy on the whole night). Now I'm sitting with a wet and awake child and a wet bed at 3h00 or 4h00 in the morning. It appears to be worse when he's laying down as he sometimes wakes up wet after his afternoon nap as well

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  • Ri
      Aug 10, 2014

    i completely agree with these complaints

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