Huggies / bought a faulty pack

I firstly want to say that i love huggies, it absorb excellently and is cost effective. This month as i normally do bought 2 jumbo pack (the red ones) which last me the whole month with a week to spare. Only to find while changing my active 9month (which means you have to work fast) old's nappy i found the nappy's sticky tape either one side broken off or as i stick it to close it, it just breaks off without me havign to pull, i have so far pulled out 5 with broken sticky tape and one that just wouldnt stick. If it was one or maybe even two i would've been o.*** but 6 nappies that i can not use is a bit frustrating. I know for a fact that this is not a regular occurence because i have always been satisfied with huggies i used it with my 1st child aswell but you do get angry when you're the one sitting with the faulty pack.


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