Huggies / embarrassment, insult and humiliation

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My son is now 2 and a half years old I have no idea why I have changed him over to the huggies gold range. When leaving the house to just go on an outing both my husband and I have to make sure that we have an extra supply (full pack ) of nappies in the boot of the car and not to mention that 2 to 3 full sets of outfits for my son has to accompany this as well. Going anywhere or even at home has become painfull for my son because of the consistant discomfort he has to go through.. What makes this even more painful for my family is that he is autistic and this has assisted in setting him back. The previous upset lady is right all the response that you get is ' use tape and that should hold it in place for a while' WHAT TYPE OF COMPANY ARE YOU RUNNING. You should be on the side of the mother and the child not setting standards of upset and hurting families. The tabs are consistantly comming off or not there at all. The legs are leaking and that all the time..

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