Hp R927 Digital Camerasmall repair job needed on r927


HP R927 gigital camera, problem description : The battery/memory card door broke off. I could still take pictures, charge it, but then the battery seemed to die. While I inserted a new battery the small grey clip holding the battery in place broke off. Now it will no longer function: no pics, no charging (I think the problem was not a dead battery but probably something else).

Dear Sir, in response to your query, I would like to inform you that, the battery door cover and the grey clip holding the battery in place is not a user replaceable part and it is not orderable separately. As they cannot be purchased separately, you would have to replace the entire camera.

They then offered to fix it if I paid $203. So I replied:

I find your so called offer unacceptable and quite frankly somewhat insulting. I already spent $600 to purchase this camera and now I am expected to spend another $203.99 just because your company refuses to fix the broken battery/memory card door ($800 later all I would have is my old camera back). You actually think I'm that stupid? I didn't ask to receive a new camera, I just want mine repaired. I can easily purchase a Nikon Coolpix L20 digital camera for $129.95 with 10.0 megapixels. I'd have to be nuts to give HP any more of my money.

Most of us customers never get to find out what really makes a company tick until a problem like mine comes up. Then comes the disappointment in realizing that you don't care about my problem, because afterall it is MY problem, and apparently NOT yours.

I happen to own an HP Media Center PC computer c/w HP w2207 22" computer screen & HP PSC 1210 printer/scanner/copier. I sure hope nothing ever happens to those or I will suffer the same fate as my Photosmart R927 digital camera. At this point in time I might be an HP customer, but I'm starting to really regret it. Many times in online product reviews (PC World), HP's reputation for sub-par after sales service is underlined as a recurring reason to stay away from HP products. I did not want to beleive it, so I learned the hard way, by poorly allocating my after tax discretionary income and buying HP products.

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