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Hp Pl4260n / hp plasma lawsuit

1 Minnesota, United States Review updated:

Hp plasma tv pop of death - product design flaw

Mr. Hurd I am writing to vehemently complain about the quality of hp plasma tv's. After communicating with an assembling group of similar consumers with the same failure of their hp plasma tv's, it is clear that a product wide recall should have happened years ago.

The issue is that a high % of the plasma tv's you profitted from in the last several years have failed with loud pop, followed by a black screen. All of us have been frustrated by customer service that wants over $600 to maybe fix the problem.

Frankly, from my experience with your products, I have no reason to trust a pay up front maybe from your company

We are prepared to take this issue to the board of directors and initiate a class action lawsuit if necessary.

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  • Ma
      15th of Mar, 2010
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    I agree 100 percent! The same thing happened to my HP plasma. When I purchased this tv, I felt confident that I bought a quality product produced by a reputable company that would last for many years. Now my $1800.00, 3.5 year old HP is sitting on the floor and I'm watching my $300.00, 10 year old Magnavox that still has a great picture, just not a 42 inch plasma screen. Go Magnavox!!

  • Da
      6th of Sep, 2010
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    In MY case I didn't get the POP. My son was in the middle of a heated XBOX game when the screen just went BLACK. The sound still worked and he was still in communication with his gaming friends, but no picture. After finding the screen settings on the menu we managed to turn the brightness and contrast up enough for him to see a ghost screen of his game, but not bright enough to play. This is the THIRD problem with this unit. First, the controls would volume or channel changing. Second, the ghostly, sparkling areas would come and go at brighter areas of the screen...and now THIS. Of course, my son wants to just go to Best Buy and get another one. This is one of MANY HP products I own. It's amazing how 1. the hard drive on my desktop crashed one week after the warrantee expired, 2. the battery on my laptop burned up 4 days after that warrantee expired and 3. a simple paper jam on my all in one HP printer rendered it useless forcing me to by another one. I continue to buy from this REPUTABLE organization and I continue to get ripped off. Extended warrantee beside the point...a television that promises 60, 000 hours of use SHOULD get at LEAST a reputable FRACTION of that amount. A hard drive SHOULD last more than a year (I've been told MANY times that the SEAGATE drives in HP computers is bottom of the line junk). After purchasing a replacement battery for the laptop I'm STILL getting a WARNING about it. Back to the TV. My son is LIVID that his gaming time has been suspended until further notice. That TV may be 3 years old, but it has NEVER been moved or abused. I'm now reading ALL the horror stories about this same TV and believe it to be more than just COINCIDENCE. Please send someone out with ALL possible replacement parts (both main boards at least) and let's see if you can actually turn this product into the one you PROMISED me when I purchased it. Sincerely, David Smith

  • Za
      21st of Sep, 2010
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    Same problem, I looked this up and sounds like a common issue. Mine just blew up yesterday, to replace w/ a new TV is about $700 that I should not need to spend. 3 years of light usage.

  • Tr
      21st of Oct, 2012
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  • St
      20th of Jan, 2013
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    How do i join the Law Suit?

  • Ju
      1st of May, 2016
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    How do I get involved in this...I also have a HP pl4260n with no picture..

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