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Hp Pavillion E9180f / bad product

1 United States

I have owned this HP tower for exactly 43 days. It does not send data to the monitor so it is nothing more than a $1, 000 paper weight. Things happen so I contacted the Customer Service department for warranty repair. After putting up with their mind numbing and inane questions, (is the power switch turned on, is the monitor switch turned on...) read by monkeys from a script, we finally get to the meat and potatoes of the problem, I still have a blank, black screen. I had to repeat that answer no less than 4 times so I am quite sure they aware of the problem however incapable of comprehending the answer. I was asked what I wanted HP to do about it. Are you kidding me? You really need to ask? It is not blatantly obvious that after only 43 days I expect to have in my possession a working, functional, computer. Is it not painfully clear that what I want is a duly owed warranty repair to fix my defective product? Apparently not, I have to tell the CS monkey that I want my computer tower repaired under warranty. No, this cannot happen yet. I have to be referred to a "supervisor" who after waiting over 30 minutes on hold comes online to tell me that I am going to have to send my tower in for repair. Duh, I did not see that coming. At this point, I am told that they will ship me a box in which to pack my computer. I don't know why, I have the original packaging but they did not ask me about this nor did they seem to care. I will have to wait two to three days for this special box. I can, I am told, spend $50 to expedite the box to my house and shorten my waiting time by one day. I'm still going to have to wait a week to ten days for the actual repair to occur but hey, why not gouge me for $50 while I'm already unhappy with the actual product. But wait, they are not done. I am told that I will also have to pay another $50 for them to back up my hard drive before they reformat it which they will surely have to do. Why, because I am told by the monkey that knows naught about computers that isn't included in his preprinted script that they are going to have to replace my motherboard. Really, wouldn't we want to check the video card first? Maybe check the bio system? No, they want to go straight to the motherboard. Seems to me that when your customer spends $1, 000 on a product that has a lifespan of less than 45 days it would be a small token to extend an offer to at least provide a back up service at no charge. What the heck, I am going to be inconvenienced by the loss of my system, I have to send it to who knows where for who knows how long and get back what? Nothing more than a hope that I have a good working system.


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