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Hp Pavilion Dv6800 / lousy laptop

1 United States

I spent oodles on a Pavilion about 18 months ago. I made this purchase because my old admin told me how good HP had been, well let me tell you, there's trouble in Mumbai cause this piece of junk isn't good enough to be a doorstop.

This laptop has had problems since month 4. I would get in touch with HP live support and the barely cogent service agent would have me run through a host of this or that. Never fixed the problem. First thing to go, wireless. After 3 different attempts to fix this, I finally broke down and purchased an RJ45 and just friggen plugged in, HELLOOOOO is this 1998???

Then my CMOS battery told me that it was failing, my time was slipping. Off to HP again, oh no, they won't cover that repair, but I can buy a new CMOS from them for 78 dollars. I do, huh, problem isn't fixed yet. Now the laptop runs even worse.

I take it in for private service, tech can't do much because... harddrive is bad. harddrive is giving a whole bunch of errors. I contact HP, harddrives are never covered says they. OK, fine, I'll get a new harddrive. I go out, get a new one, install it, but hey, piece of junk won't boot up now. HMMMMMMM this seems serious.
So I call HP again, please help me install new harddrive and do whatever I need to do to get this thing booted. A monkey can install a harddrive, it's literally two screws, but this is HP, so maybe there's some ancient IT dance I have to perform while turning screws counterclockwise and balancing a bowl of fruit on my head. Service Tech this time refers me to a manual online... yeah, ok buddy.

I take laptop back to private service guy and he says, huh, Motherboard is gone. HP should cover this. So I go back online with them. After 4 friggen service people, none of who speak better english than a barn cat, someone says that they will send a box and take it in on repair. I send it in, they tell me 3 weeks, pfft ok, maybe they are super backed up because their company makes worthless boxes of garbage.

I get an email today to call HP, I do and am told that indeedy the motherboard is gone, but it's gone because the AC adaptor port is bad, and they don't cover that. If I want to pay them 400 dollars, they'll replace my motherboard, NOT THE AC ADAPTOR PORT, that would be additional money. #(*&$(*#&$(*#&$(*@#&$)(#*%R_)%(_#(() YOU MAKE POOR EQUIPMENT, IT FRIES MY MOTHERBOARD AND YOU WANT ME TO PAY FOR YOUR MANUFACTURING DEFECT!!!

I tell the idiot on the phone that I'm not paying 400 dollars for them to repair what should have been done for free, she says, then I'm mailing your laptop back to you and HANGS UP ON ME!!! Poof, done. No further discussion, no supervisor no nothing. Screw you lady for buying an HP is what I'm clearly hearing from this company.

Well I tell ya what, it'll never happen again. Not at work, when we have a requisition for new harddware, I will go out of my way to make sure we buy from anyone but HP. I will setup an account on Monday with Compaq for all of our needs. Not in my home, if I hadn't already bought two HP's, none of which have ever worked right, there wouldn't be an HP in my four walls. I will never promote or purchase any of their goods again.

In this day and age when customers have a variety of choices they can make, this kind of ludicrous service is totally unacceptable. HP Will have to learn the hardway that they must stand behind their hardware, maybe they'll learn that in bankruptcy court.


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