Hoverkicksblack high top hoverkicks with remote control

My fiancee' bought me two pairs of your hoverkicks high tops, one black, one white, both with remote controls for Christmas. The black pair after the third time I wore them, which the remote never worked for, the left foot stopped working. It went to a dull solid red and will do nothing else. It won't even shut off. I would like to have them replaced. They obviously have a defect.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Saranac, NY The right foot has given me No problems, but I can't wear one shoe. I would appreciate you getting back to me asap, so that we can resolve this matter. The purchase is under Raymond Burger at our address of 3651 State Rte. 3 Apt # 2 in Saranac N.Y. 12981 My name is Gerlinde Gruettner, my e-mail address is [protected], if you could contact me as what to do, to get a good shoe in return of the defective one. Thank-you

  • Updated by Gerlinde, Jan 13, 2017

    waiting for an answer from Hoverkicks on the the refund or exchange of the defective sneakers. They were very expensive and should not have stopped working after only a few hours total of wearing them.

Jan 13, 2017

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