Had a 10:40pm flight may 5, 2017 with American airlines. I arrived at 10:05pm and was denied boarding because I had luggage> I was told if I didn't have luggage me and my daughter could board. But since we had luggage we needed to be there at least 1 1/2 hrs prior departure time. Hotwire never informed me this with my online booking. I immediately called hotwire and was told that they could put me on a 6:30am flight the next morning just check in with the airline check in desk and they would have all the information from hotwire to confirm it. I never received any confirmation of this while me and my daughter was waiting at the airport until 4:30am check in. So I called hotwire again at 1am while at the airport still asking for the confirmation email and was told then they had no record of what I was telling them and that for me to catch that flight I would have to pay addition fee's on top of the 2, 000 dollars I had already paid. My question to hotwire is why would you tell me the flight time the flight number and arrival time to destination and not put me on the flight and have me and my 13 year old daughter sitting in the airport from 10:40pm until the next morning thinking you gave us a different flight to catch? itinerary number is [protected]. my name is donald james. I booked flight, hotel, and rent a car from may 5-8. I'm looking for some explanation as to why I was told false information about the 6:30am flight as to me being booked on it as to me going to the front desk asking them to put me on it with the hope they will; no guarentees. I paided 68 dollars each for me and my daughter to protect us from damages in the event of flight changes etc, etc and yet hotwire when pressed about it told me it was only for medical...and told me I needed to pay for and changes to my flight...waaaa? really

May 06, 2017

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