Hotwiretax scam

G Review updated:

the hotwire 'scam' works like this (and this is also the reason they will not honor their low price guarnatee as I found out)

They have a ridiculous low pre tax rate of say $40 then they add say $16 of 'tax and recovery' (what that consists of is anyones guess but it definitely includes their booking fee) bringing it to a $56 total

The actual hotel will have a pre tax rate of say $48 and actual real 'sales tax' of $6 bringing it to $54

So, when anyone says 'You charged me more than the actual hotel' they can say 'No. Our pre tax rate was $8 lower' because they've added a load of non existent made up 'tax' to the actual total price.

It's insane, and they're *still* mailing me stuff today like 'I can assure you, you were not overcharged' which is barking mad. The basic facts of my booking with them are this

Hotwire - $56.25
Actual hotel - $54

Let them advertise that on TV and say at the end 'we can assure you we are not overcharging you'


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      Jul 28, 2014

    The low price guarantee is probably for the base rate. Remember, the " other hotel" would have charged taxes and fees too.

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