Booked a hotel at the tampa stadium hotel. When we arrived (passed the broken down buildings) there were 2 drunk mens standing at front door. I along with my friend went in to get the room, our husbands were getting the luggage, we went to the rooms and one of the rooms was already being occupied by several folks arguing in the room! So we went in the other room to wait on our husbands cause we were afraid what was in her room.. My room the big window was leaking (it was raining hard).. Leaking all over the air conditioner... When the men got to the rooms the were told by someone outside that we didnt belong here! This was a hooker/drug infested hotel.. We were afraid to stay and leave our cars while we left for a cruise.. So we all packed up and left.. Told the front deck that people were in one of the rooms and we were not going to stay here. He told me to call hotelnparking so they could call the hotel and cancel our reservation. When I called they did not want todo that. All he kept saying is I needed a 24 hour notice to cancel. I tried to explain that we were fearful and was not going to stay.

May 29, 2018

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