Hostess Brandsdouble chocolate chip muffins

I purchased two Hostess Double Chocolate muffins on Friday, November 30, 2018 at Circle K store in Dublin, GA. One for myself and one for my daughter. Later the same day, when she returned home from school, I gave her one of the muffins. After she had taken a few bites, she brought the muffin back to me and wanted to know what the light colored substance was inside the muffin. Upon further examination, I was surprised to discover MOLD growing on the inside of the muffin and on a portion of the outside. I took the wrapper out of the trash and realized it had an expiration date of November 14, 2018. The other muffin had an expiration date of December 9, 2018 so I gave her the fresh, unmolded muffin. I enjoy Hostess products and prefer them over Little Debbie products. This is an isolated incident I have experienced with Hostess products, and I hope it remains an isolated incident. But, the fact remains that this was a negligent act on the part of the Hostess representative and company. I still have the best wrapper, muffin, and receipt of purchase. My daughter did not get ill, but I would like to be refunded my money, and would like to hear from somebody from the Hostess company. Thanks in advance for any communication from an employee of Hostess.

Dec 01, 2018

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