Hostess Brands / blueberry mini muffins

Marble City, Oklahoma, United States

this is the second time that I've purchased a box of muffins and had issues with the quality and quantity of them. I opened my new box today and the first package had 4 muffins (4!! wow!!) not only were there just 4 muffins in the package but 2 of them were smashed in halves and crumbs in the packaging.

The box info stamped on it is as below...
BEST BY: OCT 26 2017 $6.64/LB 3.99
E [protected]:31

I purchased the box from Walmart in Sallisaw, Oklahoma on 9/12/17. The outer packaging was not damaged in any way. I'm not complaining to receive a refund, I just want the quality of this product to come back as I love the muffins. Both Blueberry and Banana nut.

Thank you!

Marsha Crow
P.O. Box 353
Marble City, OK 74945

Sep 13, 2017

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