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Horizon Transport


Years of service, how they mistreat drivers

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horizon transport
Wakarusa, Indiana
United States
After reading blogs from other former horizon transport drivers, i have felt to be inclined to post my experiences as a drive away driver prior to, during and after my years with horizon transport. I first got into the drive away business in 8 / 1994 for morgan driveaway after being in o. T. R. Semi tractor trailer driving since 2 / 1989. My years with morgan driveaway went fairly smooth from 1994 through 9 / 2002 with the exceptions of a few minor accidents i was fairly liked by the management, staff and drivers of this company. Towards the last year with this company (Before they went bankrupt) i was asked to join in a dedicated division account to service a new customer new flyer city busses based in s. T. Cloud m. N. And crookston m. N. Managed by a dispatcher by the name of denny founts. Relunctant at first, i eventually decided to join on (They wouldn't leave me alone until i agreed to do so) . At this time, i was still considered as a driver employee. Fuel was still around from $0. 89 c. P. G. To $1. 00 c. P. G. Things went fairly well up until 9 / 2002, without too much forewarned notice morgan driveaway ceased operations and prepared to go bankrupt. I found myself without a job and very little settlement money to go home to my house in mason city i. L. (Which, just a month before, i had closed a deal on to buy) . Meanwhile denny founts had decided to take a job with horizon transport and take the new flyer city bus account with him over to this company. Once set up with horizon transport, he began calling up his former dedicated driving staff from morgan driveaway to follow him over there. I, being without a job and no income, decided to follow him over, even though it ment declaring myself as a contract driver instead of a driver employee. The first year or so at horizon transport went well although after a while denny founts had a falling out with the management with this company and either left or was asked to leave (I never knew which, or what eventually happend) . Shortly after this happened, horizon transport either gave up or lost the new flyer bus account. With denny founts gone, i also lost some inside support within the company but kept on to deliver motorhomes, trucks and busses. Under dispatcher mark blank. Business went fairly well the first few years under mark blank. After awhile though i started having a few accidents, some chargeable back to me, others not my fault. Majority of them in truckstop parking lots, none on the road (None d. O. T. Chargeable) some were failure to write up on my bill of lading at the time of pretrip visual defects already on the units and would be charged for them also. My last trip for horizon transport was in 12 / 2007. I picked up a motorhome at the wakarusa terminal going to bakersfield c. A. Got caught in an ice storm in oklahoma city o. K. Had to shutdown for 3 days before continuning on. Delivered late to bakersfield. Met another pickup driver at time of delivery (Who drove for another company) he was going straight back to elkhart i. N. I accepteda ride back. On the way back i found out that dispatch had a bobtail truck in l. A. C. A. To come back to the midwest i refused dispatch because it was a used bobtail tractor and due to weather conditions on the way out, i was afraid of problems getting it back to delivery destionation. On the way back, i got the message that i was to call safety and that there was no hurry to talk to them. When i did call them when i was accross the border back in indana, i was told by saftey that they had been reviewing my saftey record and that they had found six chargable accidents within the six year history of me driving for them and that there limit was only three, reguardless of how many years i had been with them. I had averaged 75000 miles per year with them every year. Due to the accident record, they could no longer use my services. I arrived back in wakarusa terminal and was told to come in to see mr. Drill seargent safety man tomorrow. The next day, i met with mr. Drill seargent safety man, and he repeated what he had said on the phone, and that a settlement would be made as soon as i turned in all my company equipment of which i did. The settlement amounted to $350. 00 to last me until i got home and found another job! I got home with less then $350. 00 and had to pay house payment car payment insurances utiliy bill and other bills etc. Did'nt find another job until1 / 17 / 08 in a factory. Since this incident i am no longer in a drive away career no o. T. R. Semi tractor trailer company will hire me because all my o. T. R. Driving experience since 1994 has been in the drive away business. And most companies now require at least the last 90 days in a semi tractor trailer cab to be concidered employable (Due to thier insurance companies requirements) . Spring 2008, i hired in at a fertilizer company in my hometown of mason city i. L. To fill anhydrous amonia tank trailers and to drive a tender truck to tender sprayers out in the field. This job lasts from late march through 1st of july every year. Summertime i go to a potato farm and driv a potato truck in and out of the field loaded with potatoes. This lasts from july 1st through aug. 15 th. In the fall, i dump grain trucks for the fertilizer company that i work for in the spring and alsowork for them during thier fall fertilizer season. Since i am declared part time employee, i can draw unemployment through the winter months. Due to my blacklisted history with horizon transport, i will probably never agin will drive o. T. R. For a trucking company or a drive awawy company ever again.
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N  19th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
Like Mr. Seller, my husband and my brother in law worked for Horizon Transport twice in the last few years. The first time they worked for this company was in 2003-2007. This time, they were there almost a year for my husband and a little over a year for my brother in law. We have also had my father in law and another brother in law that worked for Horizon. On March 8, 2012, my husband and brother in law were involved in a 9 vehicle pileup in Denton Texas on I-35 S. My brother in law was vehicle # 5 and my husband was Vehicles 8 &9 (our tow vehicle was attached to motor coach). After much talk, both were told they were not at fault by Texas DOT. Horizon kept telling us no jobs would be lost. Recently, we recieved a phone call stating that altho our guys were not at fault, they were being deleased. My brother in law has over $7000 worth of medical bills and we no longer have a vehicle. Our guys were not given a "thanks for your service" "we'll help you" or anything. They were not given ANY pay at all. The only thing they were told was that because of the amount of loss(Both coaches were totaled) thier insurance company would not cover unless the guys were deleased. The guys were told they could come back after they had logged 50, 000 miles with a different company. Not that they want to. Every company my husband has talked to, wants to know why he was deleased from Horizon if the accident was deemed not to be his fault. When he explains the insurance part, companies act as if he's lying and says that doesn't sound right. As of now, we have lost a vehicle( we had liability on it), my brother in law is unemployed and my husband feels like Horizon has black balled both he and his brother. When they worked for Horizon, they were told repeatedly that they were a great asset to the company.My husband is working 2 part time jobs to help ends meet. Horizon has been a very big disappointment to our families. Thier driver quals were kept .They will never work or endorse this company again.Marion, I think your dad would turn in his grave to know the way you treat your drivers.
N  5th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
my wife and i have been driving for Horizen for a few months...so far they are treating us with respect and professionalism..I would recomend this company to anyone who enjoys life on the road...Harvey and Noreen Kertzman., , , , .Quincy Mass
N  23rd of Jan, 2015 by    0 Votes
I Was a driver, both tow away, and drive away for about two years. I never had any issues with them until I left. You will clear about .30 a mile after expenses on a long run. Some short ones will leave you digging in your pocket. When I left them in May I was told I had no claims against me, and my damage deposit was returned in full. November 1 I recieved an invoice claiming I owed 841.00 for damage to a unite delivered almost 15 months prior in Augist of 13. I told them I found it impossible to believe that no one saw that much damage when I delivered it; they go over these things with a fine tooth comb. They are insisting that I pay this; I told them we just needed to go to court, that this was insane.
A  16th of May, 2016 by    -1 Votes
The very crux of Horizon is a scam. They lie, steal by deception and it is laughable to listen to their message on their main line. The way to punish them is to keep copies of your deliveries and reach out to those that hired Horizon in the first place. In addition, show up at orientation on day two and catch drivers on the way up to the restaurant 2nd floor. Let them know what they're getting into. If Horizon gets black balled in the industry and no one will drive for them, they WILL be run out of business. It is, as you elude to, a scam, plain and simple. Sure, you'll see a few brown noses respond, but at some point, they'll also suffer what we all have.

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