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Horizon Gold / scam employer

1 Indiana, PA, United States Review updated:

I have been a sales reprsentative for companies for 20 years. I became unemployed due to outsourcing last year. I applied at this company and was hired. I worked 3 days only to find out what kind of company that I was working for . I couldn't sleep, eat and I have alwys worked for companies and PAID to be truthful. Word of mouth is the best advetisement any company can have. Now I am unemployed and am appealing my unemployment because I could not find the heart to scam and mislead the poverty, elderly and poor working class to pay my wages. I'm sorry to have woked there for those 3 days. Anyone need an honest sales rep?

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  • Jo
      28th of Aug, 2011

    The mere fact that an ex-employee would take the time to get on here and explain to us the inner workings of this scam and that it cost him sleep, appetite and a morality check that after only three days he had to leave running, says so much more than just the fact that the author of the above comment is a good guy with great moral character. I want to take this time to not only thank him for his honesty but for all of the money, trouble and heart ache that he probably saved thousands of people who did their research about this obvious fraudulent company before giving away their bank account information, full names, SSN's.DOB's, mother's maiden names, etc. This is not only opening yourself up for an easy take on this company's part to access your financial institution and any or all of your funds in which you unknowingly gave them permission to do so, but it is also every piece of information anyone needs to steal your identity, which from experience, can not only wreck your credit but also wreak havoc on your life in such ways you could never even in your wildest imagination or dreams think about. Well, that is assuming you are a normal human being and not a sociopath or psychopathic with selfish and greedy ways. The thoughts, ideas and plans that reach the depths of these individuals are enough to scare a grown and well educated long time psychologist who obviously professionalizes in such type individuals. Trust me, I have had an unfortunate run in with one type individual. Greed and materialism has no morality or ANY feelings what so ever besides sefishness and the only happiness these people feel is when they have yet again scored another few hundred bucks, bank account information and discovering a nice savings account maybe from the poor unsuspecting WWII veteran living next door to you! A man that served his country putting his life on the line so that we can live in peace by the constitution of the united states without fear that when we walk out our front door to mow the lawn or wash our cars that a German, Korean, Vietnamese or an Iraqi insurgent isn't going to come at us with an AK-47 popping rounds into a suburbian un-armed man with a bucket and a bottle of Auto soap in one hand while rolling out the brand new hose to his car with the other holding a smile on his face about to begin enjoying his first weekend of retirement.
    Now, I know some of you are going to feel as though I have gotten WAY off topic here when we are discussing a fraudulent, scamming, and fake credit card company but I am just writing in combination for the purpose of venting some specific frustrations I feel about how this country and it's white collar criminals can get away with so much crap like this and the people they are targeting. I think it's sad and an embarrassment to our country. How many wealthy people in suburbia or in Beverly hills received emails such as this? I doubt a single one did, because just as the gentleman was explaining, they are targeting the people in poverty, desperate and hungry, about to have the electricity cut off with small children in the house.
    Also, and I will leave it at this. According and due to the company's OWN statements in their "terms and conditions" section that these cards do not have VISA or MASTERCARD logos on them but on the very front page of their advertisement that is sent via email shows in a few different places including on the cards themselves, both the VISA and MASTERCARD logos! Somoeone needs to shut these guys down!!

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  • Ni
      20th of Jan, 2012

    yes, all true. Used to work there. Ownership does nothing but take advantage of people, both customers and employees. Targets inner city, urban, poor, and credit starved. Product is worthless. Customers pay monthly fee for worthless benefits and a promise to be reported to credit bureau which rarely happens. Shopping store items are overstock junk and penny jewelry. Company makes much $$$ in recurring credit card transactions from hidden terms. Company does not even fight back much when customers call into to cancel, as their reputation with banks is borderline at best.

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