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Horizon Gold Card / I don't want this card!!!

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Oh I just got scammed by them to. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and canceled my membership with them.I got the card took about 20 days when it was said to be five on the card I got in the mail offering this card. When I called the first time I was told that I had 30 days to cancel but was not told it was on a prorated basis. When I got the card checked out the website all the nice products were temporarily out of stock GO FIGURE!!!! I called canceled the card requested refund like I was told I could get the first time I called in and she said yes u can get a refund but u are past that point you actually would owe us 6.00 dollars for the maintenance fee. which I have no idea why since I just received the card today. I am hoping that the BBB will be able to do something about this company and taking peoples money. If you get caught in this I would go to the Better Business Bureau's website and do a complaint about the company the more complaints the more that the BBB will step in.

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  • Mi
      26th of Mar, 2007

    i just got a card in the mail today saying congrats,500 credit line.good thing i read your complaints and comments.i problably would have been another sucker.but im not going for this scam.thank you so much for your comments. have a good day

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  • Do
      29th of Mar, 2007

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your comments regarding this credit card company. I went to their website to accept their offer; all was fine, until I saw the $79.95 membership fee and $14.95 monthly maintenance fee. It is sad that credit card companies prey on people like us, who have had not so good credit. And if we are not careful, we become victimized simply because we feel the need for a credit card. I will no longer pay money to rebuild my credit. I'll just buy my time instead, and make do with financial challenges as best as I can before I accept another "shark offer" from companies like Horizon.

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  • Mo
      1st of Jun, 2007

    I was led to believe that I was receiving a real credit card also.

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  • Br
      12th of Jun, 2007

    I agree this company is a big rip off. I too was one of there prey. Called to cancel and got the run around and was insulted by the person on the phone who kept calling me a women. I guess my voice wasn't manly enough for him. What a jerk, they need to be but out of business. I'm writing BBB today. Thanks!

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  • He
      15th of Jun, 2007

    I'm trying to get alone.

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  • Jj
      17th of Jun, 2007

    I almost ordered this card. Glad I didn't.

    What's really bad is the country allows this crap to happen. Fraud and scamming has been a problem for the longest time and it seems like since 2000 those things have gotten worse. Thanks to the distortion of laws and crony ism since Bush took office it's been nonstop crookedness.

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  • Da
      21st of Sep, 2007

    I couldnt get through either

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  • Sh
      21st of Oct, 2007


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  • Ch
      24th of Oct, 2007

    Thanks for previous reviews. I was able to avoid this scam. Darn, My hopes were really High too. Wanted to do some Christmas shopping.

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  • Ep
      17th of Nov, 2007

    I agree with everyone this is a bogus company.this company is based out of Indiana Pennsylvania. I contacted Pittsburgh since that is the closest city to them. I spoke with the consumer protection agency at 412-565-5135 to report Horizon.Well they'll send you a complaint form to fill out. I think the more people we can report them to , maybe we will get our money back and then some. Before they fall off the face of the earth. I have to hand it to Horizon there reps are trained really well as what to say & not to say. Then when you ask for a Manager they get on the line trying to fast talk you. They try to talk to toy like you are some kinda stooge.

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  • Co
      28th of Nov, 2007


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  • Ap
      30th of Nov, 2007

    I got these card in the mail saying to go to these website and put these pre approval number that I am approve to receive 500 dollars thats all bull. I think we should do something about them sending us things like these in the mail and when you try to go to there web site to get a number to call the dont want to put there number out, but they want us to get a credit card with them. They think that if we have bad credit that we cant get a credit card with the other credit cards company that we dont have a choice but to get one with them but that wrong we are smarter than that.

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  • Li
      3rd of Dec, 2007

    Hello...this "company", if you can call it that, just sent me an email claiming that they would send me a credit card with a credit limit of $500!! Wow! I was pretty siked...anyway, what a load of bull****!!! Hey, you losers at Horizon..get a life!! Leave the hard working, unsuspecting people alone!!! IDIOTS!

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  • La
      13th of Dec, 2007

    Horizon is a scam! I think any company that won't check your credit, and that makes you buy ### only from there website is crap and they are tryin to rape you for your money!! Don't fall for it people!!!

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  • Mr
      17th of Dec, 2007

    I just wanted to thank you all who took the time to post how the horizon gold card is such a scam. I just received their invitation in the mail the other day I decided to do some research online and found your complaints as well as many others. I am so thankful that you took the time to post your experience about the scam behind this card. I am truly sorry that you had to deal with such a scamming mess.

    Thank You,
    Mrs Jones.

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  • Ra
      27th of Dec, 2007

    Thanks to all the people who posted the scam. I am sorry that you were victims of these crooks because you took the time to post maybe we can stop them but know you have helped me and many others. I received invitation in mail almost signed up and decided to research thanks for your heads up and god bless!

    Atlanta, georgia.

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  • Mi
      29th of Dec, 2007

    This company sent me a credit card with a 3000 dollar credit limit they wanted me to by their ### as stuff off of their website after they charged a fee of 79.95 and 19.95 monthly maintenance fee I want to get all of my money back how can I go about doing this? This is a ### as company they should not be allowed to do this to folks. I wish I had a prior warning.

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  • Pe
      19th of Jan, 2008

    If Horizon is sending thses offers through the mail, they most likely are committing mail fraud, which is a fedral offense. I suggest contacting your local post office or go to and see if there is a place on the web site to file complaints. The USPS ( United States Postal serivec) does NOT take these types of scams lightly and they WILL prosecute. Good luck and alwasy read the fine print.

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  • Ro
      15th of May, 2008

    when ever you get a card offer and it doesn't have a visa/mastercard logo or a fdic insured logo it's a scam. it's not a credit card u can use to shop in a mall with it's a card for the card company products. read the fine print people.

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  • Da
      17th of May, 2008

    I just got a letter in the mail from these people, and i was going to do it until they wanted another one of my credit cards, and the number on the back, i got a feeling that something wasnt right, so i tuyped the name into my search bar and one of the first things to pop up was this message board. I'm so happy i did that, cause i would have been so screwed.. Thank you all for makeing these posts!

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