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I received an email from Hoobly informing me that my Gmail account had been compromised and they suspended my account ( Hoobly does not have access to my information just the address) . I was informed via email that I would need to create a new email address. I did so. I can not access my account because NOW Hoobly informed me that this 2nd email address ( after allowing the me to use a free gmail acct.) had to be from a pre selected PAID email address. Again I attempted to do so with a -bright house email address - it is not on the pre approved address although Hoobly indicated that they would review any email address that were not on their list. I sell parakeets on this site along with a few reptiles, etc.
There is no email address available to contact anyone. The phone number listed on the Facebook home page is a Majik Jack number that has not yet been assigned according to the voice mail I received when I attempted to call this number. I can not access my accounts to even delete from this site. This site is very unprofessional and is noted for issues with people with paid subscriptions with that in mind I chose free option. Had had no previous issues until this point in time. I want to access my accounts.

Nov 23, 2017

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