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Ionia, MI, United States

Hi, we have been rabbit breeders for over 14 yrs on our farm. Hoobly website was helpful for less then a year before having problems logging into our account to answer emails or updating listings on breeds. Then on top of it we requested password resets 4 times as well as emailing for help with no change. Our ads are now gone& still locked out of site. We also found out about a viscous false complaint from a very rude woman that wanted something for nothing and has an axe to grind was posted without notice to us or checking it out first. There was no making her happy. She came with an attitude& did not want to listen to any care instruction on rabbits. She knew it all& had rabbits already& has made false claims that Hoobly lets people post without proof.
We are contacting the hundreds of in state and out of state happy, repeat rabbit buyers we have had& asking them their oppion of this false complaint& if they are as apauledas we are to please post their own comment. We have had a few text us back that they have taken the time already this morning to add their comment due to the ridiculous claims of this woman. Now they have texted back an hour later. They are still waiting to see their positive comments on being at our rabbitry& our rabbits they purchased to be posted . The internet is a cowardly way to be a bully& very unfair to try & fight back against& dirty a hard working person. We greatly appreciate all the buyers we have had & that keep intouch& come back with their kids& families. As well as all who keep sending us the pictures & videos of the rabbits as they grow& learn. We will be posting on other sites. Alot of breeders have been telling me they have had similar bad experiences with Hoobly also for last few years.

Oct 22, 2018

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