Hoobly / flying squirrels for sale

Found an add on hoobly for flying squirrels for sale birdlove was the seller and the phone number to contact was704- 533-7967 I contacted seller and arranged to purchase 2 male southern flying squirrels I was told the sellers name was Roland I was sent pictures and info on the animals I was told shipping was available I told seller I would send money for both squirrels $300 and once the shipping was set would send the additional $150 for shipping fees. The seller was pressuring me to send the shipping money without me receiving any shipping info then proceeded to lie about the shipping saying they would be shipped to my house that day when I never gave the seller my address and animals are not shipped to homes they go cargo the seller told me an airline that does not ship animals to my state would be shipping them and kept insisting I send the money I asked for a refund the seller refused and was demanding money the seller would not send me their vet paperwork which I had told the seller previously I would need for shipping. The seller has not refunded me it was a scam they had no knowledge of shipping animals at all and continued to pressure me for more money the seller also has a facebook add for the same thing


Mar 12, 2017

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