Hoobly Classifieds / english mastiff puppies for sale (boston mastiffs)

I responded to an add for English Mastiff puppies for sale in Boston Massachusetts. The person told me I just missed the 2 puppies she had. But told me to contact Rhonda Hickman at [protected] This women or man for all that I know told me that she had a little boy named Marvin that was 10 weeks old and that she lived at 1880 Ashwood Dr Akron Ohio 44313. Told me to send the money through RIA at Walmart. She picked the money up in Morain Ohio and never sent the puppy. I know for a fact that they have a new add with the same number I texted to. But the name has changed from Elizabeth to April cooks for 600 dollars. The phone number they use to pull you in is [protected].

I have reported this add to Hoobly classifieds but they did not take it off. I posted an add that said it's a scam and they won't let it post to the sight. Don't be suckered in like I was.

Mar 18, 2017

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