HomeAdvisor / lies/fake information to contractors

United States

I got a lot of calls from Sears Home Improvement, Sears Home Service and some local contractors by last Thursday. Some of local contract companies left messages that they want make an appointment to install central air system in my house. I don't need to install that system now and never asked to someone to do.

I called to local contractor who left messages, and tell them it is not my request. They told me this request is from HomeAdvisor and they gave to them my private information (including some fakes). Even my request is fake, they need pay to HomeAdvisor and they already got some complains from other victim people like me.

Important thing is I have not contact to HomeAdvisor. They got peoples information somehow(maybe bought the list from others) then use it for fake jobs for contractors and harassing people.

Dec 10, 2018

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