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My family and I submitted an application for a dog. Although we are dog owners and dog lovers, we had a dog that attacked my spouse in 2009 and we were forced to surrender her after working with our vet and trainers. We were initially denied our application, but after a lengthy phone call with one of the employees, the employee assured us that we had done everything we could and they better understood the nature of the surrender. We were then approved. We found a dog and we set up a meet and greet with the dog. We brought all three of our children and our dog to meet the puppy. Three of the employees who we encountered treated us disdainfully and rudely. They lectured our children and were very rude and curt with us from the minute we met them. Although they allowed us to play with the puppy and even hold him, they then brought us inside to meet with someone name Toni Anne. Toni Anne was extremely rude, to the point she was abusive. She seemed set on not giving us the dog, with really no explanation.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Berkeley Heights, NJ Our children and myself began to cry at the level of frustration and confusion I was feeling. No one offered to help and her rudeness was witnessed by several people in the room, including a foster home couple. We were then told that we wouldn't get the dog based on our application, which had already been approved. When I tried to speak, she told me she was done talking to me and walked out of the store, leaving me standing there with three crying children. Since this happened I have filed formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. These people seem to not actually want anyone to get the dogs. They are arbitrary and confusing in their system and it is cruel to allow a family to meet a dog, fall in love and then take it away for unknown reasons. We have adopted animals in the past from two other rescues, including St. Hubert's, and this has never happened. I think it should be noted that two previous foster homes from the organization, left because of the abusive and rude treatment of the director and owner. This is absolutely NOT a "charity" - it is a power trip for people with little else in their lives.

Feb 09, 2015

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